Friday, March 2, 2018

Life With Benny: 11 Months

I'm not exactly sure how this happened...11 months passed in the blink of an eye. This month you seemed to go from a baby to a little boy overnight. I'm not quite sure how in one months time you will be one year old!


He is still wearing size 4s and we have continued to have good luck with the Target brand and plan to stick with that. He did have his first bout of diaper rash this month, we think due to teething or something he ate. It was really sad because I could tell it really hurt :( Luckily, it cleared up in a few days with diaper cream and baking soda baths. 


We have officially made the switch to 12 month clothing. I had to retire all of his 9 month stuff. He still fits comfortably in the 6-12 month stuff from GAP and Old Navy, but anything new we are buying is in the 12-18 month sizes.


Not much has changed in this department. He is still nursing in the mornings and evenings and taking 2 bottles at daycare. I have always nursed him right before bed, but this month I have tried feeding him around 6:00PM before dinner and then bath, and bed. So far it's been working out okay. I was worried about the transition but as always, he's been a total champ.

He has gotten a little pickier with foods he will eat this month, and definitely has preferences now. He really likes ham, cheese, yogurt, spaghetti, black beans, and any and all fruit.

We are continuing to offer him foods, even if he doesn't seem to crazy about them at first. Green beans were a big no-no earlier this month and just last night he finally gave in and ate them. Our goal is to not stress too much about what he is or isn't eating and HOPING that will make it less of a struggle. I have heard  so many horror stories about picky eaters and how it makes dinner time a nightmare and I would love to avoid that...wish us luck :)


Mr. Inconsistent strikes again...this month was full of lots of ups, downs, and several VERY EARLY mornings thanks to teething.
Bedtime is still consistently between 7/7:30 and he falls asleep really easily on this own. We did have a few nights where he woke up and had trouble falling back to sleep. One night he woke up at 10:00PM and didn't go back to sleep until almost made for a REALLY long day for mommy!
Naps at home are still the same. 1-2 hour morning nap about 2 hours after he wakes up and then a 1-2 hour nap after lunch. At daycare he takes a shorter nap in the morning and a little longer nap in the afternoon. Most days he sleeps until at least 2, so we have been able to FINALLY drop the evening nap, which I love because I get more time with him in the evening.

 Little man has finally mastered crawling and WATCH OUT! He is on the move and he is FAST! Everyone warned me that life would change when he became mobile and boy were they right, he is so curious and into everything!

He is pulling up on things...mostly his crib in the middle of the night #sigh and the fireplace...both things I would prefer he would leave alone :)

He is now the proud owner of 6 pearly whites...and the most recent two gave us a run for our money. Several early morning wake-ups, an all-nighter, and so much drool!

With the arrival of his new teeth we decided it was time to start brushing his teeth. He insisted on doing it himself, and wasn't too happy when we took it away. 

He has been saying "ma-ma" and "da-da" for the last few months but he also is now saying "dog" which sounds more like "dah" but we know it's dog because he will be looking or pointing at Gracie when he says it. I am not surprised that this is one of his first words...he is oh so obsessed with his furry little friend.

He can now sign "more" and "all done" even though both look really similar.

He gave me a "kiss" for the first time last week and I melted into a little puddle. Seriously, when he leaned into me with his slobbery little mouth I wanted to cry!

He will put his toy phone up to his hear to "talk" whenever we say "ring, ring" or "hello"


Gracie...the poor thing doesn't stand a chance now that he is mobile. He loves her and and would really like to get his hands on her...but he isn't very gentle.

He loves music and dancing and his dancing/singing robot "Beat-bo" is definitely one of his favorites. It's so cute to see him wiggle his booty and dance

He still loves his books, but a whole new world has opened up since he started crawling so he won't sit and read for as long as he used to.

He loves his tool bench and dump truck toys. They both have chutes (?) where he can put a ball in and it plays music. He will do this over and over and over again!

He loves to wooly and wrestle. If I lay down on the ground he will roll or jump on top of me. One day AJ was tickling me and Benny came crawling over and climbed on top of me to join the fun. It was so cute...minus the fact that I was the victim :)

He has gotten extra snuggly (with mom) and will crawl into my lap and lay his head down on my shoulder. The snuggles are short lived, but I soak them up nonetheless.


He has become very opinionated this month, and doesn't like to be told no or have something taken away from him. We went outside the other day for a few minutes with the dog, and when we walked back inside he arched his back, pointed at the door and started crying.

He still isn't the best in the car, thankfully we have a short commute to daycare every day and no long car trips planned!

He has gotten a little pickier with food this month and pretty consistently refuses any and all purees, unless it's yogurt or fruit pouches.

It's hard to believe that this time next month we will be celebrating our little guy turning ONE! Seriously, how is that possible? The days are flying by so fast, and no matter what I try I can't seem to slow it down. I am so looking forward to all the fun that is headed our way...but I wouldn't mind if it would head our way a little bit slower this month :)


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