Monday, April 23, 2018

Rockin' the Parkway

For the last few months I have been running on either Saturday or Sunday with my cousin Sheila. She was training for the Rock the Parkway half-marathon and while I wasn't training for a half, I figured adding in weekend long runs wouldn't hurt my 10k, the company was always nice :)

As race day got closer, I started to second guess my decision not to run a half-marathon this spring. I had been doing the training, I knew I could run 13.1, and I absolutely love RTP and didn't want to miss out on a weekend therapy session long run with Sheila. 

I considered signing up last minute, but the race fees were astronomical...and then I considered running as a bandit...but I wasn't sure I could put my good conscious aside...and then like magic, I got an email from one of my student's parents offering me her race entry because she wasn't going to be able to run. I hesitated briefly because the forecast wasn't looking good...but then decided "What the Heck, Why Not?" ;) 

Saturday morning I questioned my sanity as I piled on the layers and prayed that the weather man was wrong...Turns out...he was wrong, but only because the forecast didn't call for rain/sleet/snow...and we were most definitely pelted with frozen pellets of something around miles 10-11. 

While it wasn't idea weather conditions we still managed to have fun and have some fun memories to look back on and laugh at. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Olathe 10K Series: Race One

Race recaps aren't my thing. To be completely honest, once I cross the start line of a race I black out and don't come to until a few minutes after I cross the finish line. I suppose you could say "I'm in the zone" ;)

The Jadon Hope Bug run was no exception...and to top if off I didn't even really take any pictures.

This race was extremely nerve-wracking for me. I always get a little nervous before my races, but this one had me feeling extra crazy.

You see, this was my first "race" since before getting pregnant. I ran the Gobbler Grind Marathon back in November, but my goal in that race was to simply finish. When I signed up for the Olathe 10k Series my goals were big...I wanted to PR and I wanted to get back out there to prove to myself that I've still got it.

I had big plans going into training, and as usual, with mom life those plans quickly changed. Running and working out are important to me, but Bennett will always and forever come needless to say there were many skipped or shortened runs/workouts and way less speed work than I had planned on.

So obviously I went into this race a little less prepared than I would have liked. While my A goal was to PR (47:18) I knew I was going to have to adjust my expectations a bit. A few weeks into training, I shifted my focus and started to work on simply gaining some of my speed back. My pace did in fact start to get faster and faster as the weeks went by, but I knew for certain going into the race that a PR was probably not in the cards. So I decided to focus more on my B goal, which was sub 50. 

I knew a sub 50 would challenge me, but wouldn't leave me feeling defeated (or dry-heaving on the side of the road) which is definitely a plus :) 

The weather unfortunately did not cooperate on race day and pre-race was less than pleasant...however, once we got started I could appreciate the cooler temps a little more. The course was great (from what I remember) it had a few hills, but nothing crazy and a big portion of the race was on a trail...which I am always a fan of! 

I pushed myself on several runs during training and always felt like I was going to die by the end, but during this race I felt pretty good the whole time. I didn't wear my watch so I had no idea my pace or where I was at until I rounded the corner and saw the finish line and realized that if I pushed hard enough I could meet my goal...

And I did...I managed to meet my B goal and run a 49:50...nothing like cutting it close! When I checked in at the results table they told me I finished 1st in my age group...but then later in the day when I checked the online results they had me in 2nd place? Either way, I am feeling pretty good about this first race and I am definitely looking forward to Garmin this weekend. I am going to keep my goal at a sub 50...and hope that I can shave a few seconds off. 
Saturday, April 7, 2018


Friday morning our little guy turned of course we had to celebrate! His birthday party isn't until next weekend, but we wanted to make his actually birthday special.

On St. Patrick's Day we went to Mi Ranchito and the waitress gave Benny a balloon, and that is when the obsession began. So for his birthday we knew we just had to have some balloons for him. When he woke up,  AJ and I both went in to get him with the balloons and started singing "Happy Birthday" 

The look on his face was priceless...he definitely thought his parents were crazy ;)

After the initial shock, he was all smiles!

He immediately started playing with his balloons. 

I tried to get a cute shot of him on the fireplace, but he couldn't be bothered. This is the best of probably 20...#OhWell

We also got him a special birthday shirt to wear...because why not? ;)

I was hoping to get a cute picture of him before he went to daycare and mucked up his shirt, but he just didn't want to sit still. 

I finally got this one and we packed up and headed off to work and daycare. 

At about 10:00 Miss Judy called to say he was running a low grade fever and was acting a little bit fussier than normal. She said it wasn't high enough that he would need to go home so we decided to wait until after nap time to reassess. 

After nap his fever was a little higher, so AJ picked him up and brought him home. They snuggled up for an afternoon of cartoons until I got home. He seemed to be feeling okay...just a little more tired and clingy than normal. He still had a fever, but it wasn't crazy high. 

I decided to risk the peace and took him upstairs for his monthly photo...

I put him in his crib while I got everything set up and he was as happy as clam playing with his balloons. 

I was afraid he would be a mess since he wasn't feeling well...but it actually worked out in our favor. He wasn't nearly as crazy as normal, so we were able to get some good shots :) 

Since he seemed to be acting fine we decided to go ahead with our evening dinner plans and our parents came over for pizza and cupcakes.  

My dad has been talking non-stop about getting Benny a remote control power wheel...but, my mom and I were able to convince him that should wait until next year...

Benny had to settle for this truck ;) His face seriously lit up when my dad walked in the room and he insisted on getting inside immediately!

His feet don't quite touch the ground yet, so Papa had to push him around the living room.

We were able to coax him out of the truck to open his present from Grandma and Grandpa...he loved the tissue paper!

and like most kids, wasn't too interested in the card :)

After presents we had some pizza, and then the real fun began...

He wasn't too sure about the cupcake at first so I had wipe some icing on his lips to entice him ;) He usually isn't too shy about food, but since he wasn't feeling the greatest he was a little hesitant.

I wiped some on his lips...and then watch out!

He was very excited about the blue icing...

He did prefer eating it with a spoon though.

We were all taking pictures and laughing at him, and being he showman that he is he really hammed it up!

The blue icing probably wasn't the best idea...and I would like to blame AJ...and while he did buy the cupcakes, I didn't think anything of it. I even commented that he got the "good" cupcakes.

After a few bites lil' man was running low on steam...

The excitement wore off and he was ready for bed! We quickly took him to the bath to attempt to clean the blue icing off and put him to bed stained a beautiful shade of blue #RookieMom

While his big day wasn't exactly how we planned, we had so much fun celebrating our little guy and can't wait for his big party this weekend!