Monday, April 23, 2018

Rockin' the Parkway

For the last few months I have been running on either Saturday or Sunday with my cousin Sheila. She was training for the Rock the Parkway half-marathon and while I wasn't training for a half, I figured adding in weekend long runs wouldn't hurt my 10k, the company was always nice :)

As race day got closer, I started to second guess my decision not to run a half-marathon this spring. I had been doing the training, I knew I could run 13.1, and I absolutely love RTP and didn't want to miss out on a weekend therapy session long run with Sheila. 

I considered signing up last minute, but the race fees were astronomical...and then I considered running as a bandit...but I wasn't sure I could put my good conscious aside...and then like magic, I got an email from one of my student's parents offering me her race entry because she wasn't going to be able to run. I hesitated briefly because the forecast wasn't looking good...but then decided "What the Heck, Why Not?" ;) 

Saturday morning I questioned my sanity as I piled on the layers and prayed that the weather man was wrong...Turns out...he was wrong, but only because the forecast didn't call for rain/sleet/snow...and we were most definitely pelted with frozen pellets of something around miles 10-11. 

While it wasn't idea weather conditions we still managed to have fun and have some fun memories to look back on and laugh at. 


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