Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Life With Benny: 13 Months

Welp, here we are...another month gone in the blink of an eye.

It seems impossible to me that this was one year ago....

Sure, there are days I long for my sleepy, squishy, snuggling newborn...but honestly, not only am I enjoying the sleep I get these days...we are having so much fun seeing him grow and learn. It seems like he is learning and doing something new every day.


While I still nurse him at night, we have completely switched over to whole milk bottles for morning and during the day. He takes about four 5 oz bottles a day per his pediatrician. I know we are supposed to be thinking about switching over to sippy cups soon...but I am not sure I am there yet. 

Other than bottles he is eating regular food like a champ. He likes pretty much everything we give him, but it's always hit or miss on what he prefers from day to day.

The only thing I would say he isn't a huge fan of is eggs. He hasn't really cared for them from day one...and even when I smother them in cheese he doesn't seem too impressed.

His favorites include all noodles, cheese, carrots, and fruit.



Like I mentioned before...everyone is sleeping pretty darn great these days. Bedtime and nap time are pretty peaceful events and we have a pretty good routine down. After dinner some nights he gets a bath and then it's diaper, jammies, and sleep sack.

This is followed by one of his favorite activities..."TEESH!" He is still very excited about brushing his teeth, but luckily there are no longer tears when we take the toothbrush away! However, the minute he is done brushing his teeth his is pointing towards his bedroom and chanting "books, books, books"

We then let him pick out 2...sometimes 3 books and head to his chair to read. He is getting better about letting us read all of the words on the page before turning it...but some nights he is just interested in the pictures :) After books he says a quick goodnight to daddy before I nurse him.

While we have completely switched to whole milk bottles for the morning and at daycare, I am not ready to give up our night time nursing session. I'm hopeful that this month we will wean away from it...but I am making no promises :) I have really enjoyed our nursing relationship and feel like as long as it's still working for us we are going to stick with it.

After our nursing session and some snuggles I lay him down in his crib and he reaches for his elephant lovie, rolls over, sticks his butt in the air and goes to sleep. I whisper "night, night" and head out the door.

It hasn't always been this easy, so believe me when I say I really appreciate the calmness of our bedtime routine these days!


Oh man...this kid just gets more and more fun by the day. He is such a happy guy and I could seriously watch him play and explore all day long.

He got a lot of new toys for his birthday and he is enjoying them to the fullest.

I would say his favorite is his "cuck" Every time we get home and are in the garage he points at his truck and yells "cuck" and he isn't too happy when we head inside instead of going for a ride!

He is never too pleased when I stop to take a picture...I usually get the stink eye followed by him commanding me to "Go!"

On one of our walks he demanded we go "FASTER"

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He actually has two trucks...and isn't too picky on which one he goes for a ride in. While we take the one with a handle on walks around the neighborhood, we use the other one in the driveway. Our driveway is sloped so I set him at the top of the driveway and he starts to roll down towards me. His face lights up as it picks up "speed" and his giggles are just the best!

His Aunt Goose decided to "punish" me for the instrument set I got Caleb for his birthday with a drum set...and it totally backfired. He absolutely loves his drum-set and as a bonus it has volume control so it isn't nearly as loud as one would think.

Easter was especially fun this year!

He enjoyed the goodies that the Easter Bunny brought him



We went to church and he was the perfect gentleman!

Although, once church was over he had decided that he he had quite enough and we had to head home for a nap and miss brunch with the family. 

After a quick nap we headed to Grammy and Poppy's where the Easter Bunny had left him yet another basket of goodies!

He got to go for a wheelbarrow ride with his big cousins.

We scored a train table and kitchen set at the neighborhood garage sales and he just can't get enough! He "rooms" his cars around the train table and loves to "cook cook"

He got to go to a happy hour after school with mommy, and got his first kiss from his future wife...he wasn't so sure at first, but by the end Katie and I were planning the wedding!

His obsession with Gracie still remains...but unfortunately he is not very gentle and Gracie has become more and more leery of him...unless he has food of course! He always makes sure to share his snacks with "Gace" and she makes sure to nab them and run! 

While he isn't walking he has gotten really good at pushing around his toys, and his little Lighting McQueen car is one of his favorites. He walks/runs really well pushing this thing, but the minute he lets go he will drop to his bottom or trust fall...

 What a fun month it's been...and now the countdown to June has begun! I cannot wait to spend my summer days with this sweet boy <3