Friday, June 1, 2018

Life With Benny: 14 Months

As a teacher I have always looked forward to my summer vacations...but this year even more so.

Last summer we (mostly Benny) spent most of our days sleeping and snuggling up on the couch...

This summer however, promises to be a bit busier :)

Part of me is wishing for another summer filled with teeny baby snuggles...but the other part of me is just so darn excited about all of the fun and adventures headed our way!

We are only a few days into summer break...but I think I can confidently say this may be my most favorite summer break yet!


Not much has changed on this front. He is still eating most foods...still not a fan of scrambled eggs, unless they are smothered in gravy :)

We tried out pickled beets for the first time and discovered that he is quite the fan...AJ and I gave them a try, but were not impressed. Benny tends to choose his beets over other things on his plate...I can't quite figure that one out. 

His favorite foods include bananas, pancakes/waffles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cheese...all the good stuff of course!

The biggest change in his eating this month is that we have completely weaned and are no longer nursing. I was previously just nursing him at night before bed, and didn't have a specific time that we planned to stop...but it just kind of happened. We were both ready and the transition to a whole milk bottle at night has been a breeze.

He is however still getting one bottle in the morning and one at night before bed...the plan is to get rid of the morning one this next month and hopefully be done with the bedtime bottle before the end of the summer. I am not a fan of change...and the anxiety of throwing off his nighttime routine has me holding out as long as I can :)


Sleep has been pretty much the same....thank goodness! He hasn't always been the most consistent of sleepers so the fact that our routine has stayed the same for a few months is a welcome change!

He was still just taking one nap at daycare (11:45-1:45ish) and then 2 naps for us on the weekends (9-10:30 and 1:30-3:00ish) and bedtime around 7/7:30. He is pretty go with the flow when it comes to change of schedule and if he has a later bedtime if we have something going on...the biggest issue is being in the car past bedtime...he won't fall asleep and he chooses to cry the whole time instead :)


This month was lots and lots of fun! He is SOOOO close to walking and takes the opportunity to walk between us and furniture any chance he gets. He went from showing no interest at all to wanting to walk everywhere!

He is talking up a storm and learns new words every day. He is even able to tell me what sounds certain animals make...he's got Cow, Snake, Owl, and Sheep mastered.

He is also talking a lot of non-sense. He will babble constantly...he is quite the talker...I wonder where he gets that :)

He has always been interested in how things work and this month I really saw him take off with that. He loves his blocks and putting them together and taking them apart. He loves opening and closing lids, turning on and off the lights, etc. He is definitely a future engineer...or machinist if Papa has any say :)

We spent as much time as possible outdoors since spring/summer finally decided to show up!

These sweet cousins just crack me up!

He learned that climbing up the slide is WAY more fun than going down :)

We took many walks to the park and EVERY time he insists on sitting on his bench...

There is nothing special about this particular bench, but every time we walk by it he points and yells "bench" and wants to get out and sit for a few minutes.

He is a super quirky kid...I wonder where he gets that ;)

 He is the most affectionate, sweet, and loving little boy, when I ask for mooches he puckers up and gives me a kiss and I melt into a puddle of course

He does a great job playing by himself, but every couple minutes he will come over and sit on my lap for a quick little mama recharge...and I don't mind one bit!

Anything that isn't a toy has quickly become his favorite thing to play with...


Red Solo Cups...

Extra parts from Papa's shop...

and our bar stools...just to name a few ;)


 He is a total Papa's boy...the only thing he loves more than papa is riding papa's tractor

We have a picture of my dad and Benny on the tractor in our house and Benny is constantly pointing at it and saying "Papa"

When my mom comes over to visit he can't take his eyes off the front door and is always looking and waiting for Papa to show up.

Dog food became VERY interesting to him this month...

Fortunately we have managed to keep him from getting a far ;) 

He did have his very first Popsicle, and he was definitely a fan!

We got this water loving boy a water table and we have spent more hours than I can count "splash, splashing!"

There was even one day when it was raining that he stood at the back door crying because wanted to go "ah-side" to play with it. ('s the cutest thing ever, but when he says "ah-side" he whispers it)

 He also discovered the fun that is bubbles...

On the second to last day of school he ran a low grade fever and was pretty puny...the next day he was totally fine, but then exactly one week later the same thing happened, but this time the fever was higher. We took him to the doctor and he had his first ear infection :( 

Good thing mommy was on summer break and could snuggle ALL day! 

His love for books is still going strong

We finally caved and got him his first was MUCH needed

Don't let these pictures fool you...he lost his mind for 3/4 of the haircut...the gal cutting his hair finally got out her bubble machine and he immediately calmed down.

And now he is all of a sudden all grown up....

He love, love, loves to put things together and take them apart so we bought him a set of blocks...

These things have kept him busy for HOURS!

We had another fun play date with our birth class group...we were short a few babies this month, but we had fun nonetheless!

Summer break officially started on May 28th and we wasted no time getting started in on the fun!

We spent a morning at the park...

 Have gone through a gallon of bubbles...

Enjoyed our lazy mornings and "Dorta" (Dora)

Went to visit Grammy and Papa at the shop

He made my mom carrying him around and pointed at everything saying "Dis" which is his way of asking what is this.

We brought slushies for Grammy and Papa and Benny got his first taste of a lime slush...

He LOVED it!

It's only been a few days, but summer break has been pretty darn great so far. I am loving getting to spend all day with my very favorite person. We have a lot of fun planned for the next 2 months. I'm so, so, so grateful that I have a job that allows me this special time to make memories with my little guy!