Monday, July 30, 2018

Life With Benny: 16 months

I'm not quite sure how we got here...16 months old and the final days of our summer vacation. Time certainly flies when you are having fun...and this summer has been a whirlwind of fun! 

I will admit there have been a few days where I was more than ready to return to work...but now that we are down to our last few days I am wishing for just a few more. 

I feel so lucky to have a job that allows me to spend my summers with my little guy. Not having to rush around in the mornings, eating breakfast and lunch together everyday, and seeing him learn and experience new things was truly the best.

All parents think their kids are the smartest, cutest and coolest little kids on the planet and we are no exception. I am constantly in awe of our little guy...and the amount of times I say "he is the cutest thing ever" is alarming ;)


Benny has completely mastered walking...or should I say running? Last month he got a lot sturdier, but this month he has really taken off. He is running, stepping up and down on little steps, stopping to bend down and pick up stuff, and he is pretty much on the move ALL THE TIME these days. This age is definitely fun...but oh so exhausting!


We have quite the talker on our hands. At his well baby check up earlier this month he was talking up a storm and the doctor laughed and said "I guess I don't need to ask if he is saying 3 words besides mama and daddy" 

 He is such a curious kid and always asking "that?" when he doesn't know what something is. When we tell them he looks at us very intently taking it all in. He blows our minds daily with the things he can remember. I couldn't even tell you how many words he can say at this point.

He can make any and all animal noises (the ones that we know at least) His "doodle-do" is still my favorite...but it's followed closely by his gorilla and bee sounds. 

Not only can he make animal noises he can identify all of those animals as well. He will point at his books and flashcards (he is obsessed with the Target Dollar Spot flashcards) and either make the animal or say the animals name. He can say dog, cat, pig, alligator, turtle, cock (peacock), bear, beebra (zebra), and beetle. The rest of the animals are just identified by their sound. 

He can point out the different parts of his body and say the name as well. Eyes, nose, "mouf", ears, teesh, tongue, head, hair, hands, and feet. He points these out on himself, his stuffed animals, dolls, and sometimes I am the unlucky recipient of a poke in the eyes.

He has started identifying colors this month. It used to be that everything was purple, but now he can identify "well-wow" and "boo" 

He is learning his shapes as well. He can say and identify a star, heart, and circle....Like I said he seriously blows our minds with what he knows. We don't specifically work with him, we just point out things and tell him the name and he remembers. It definitely makes my teacher heart happy to have a little boy who loves to learn this much. 

We are working on saying please and thank you at the appropriate times and he almost has "peas" mastered. He mostly uses it when he is eating and wants more food. "Tank You" comes out very aggressive and is usually when he is handing us something. 

Other words he uses a lot are: ah-side (outside), pway (play), books, ootz (oops), boken (broken), all gone, sop (shop), beep beep, bich (bench/bridge), park, open/closed, up/down, multz (mulch), chalk, nonut (donut), mulk (milk), water, poopy, and thanks to my dad a very enthusiastic booger. 

He calls most people by name...Mammy (my mom), Papa (my dad), Mamaw (AJ's mom), Gampaw (AJ's dad), Nona (Norah), Bandon (Brandon), and he knows the name of a couple of guys at my dad's shop. 

So as you can see we have quite the chatterbox on our hands. I have been trying to take as much video of him talking as possible these days because I want to remember his sweet little voice and mispronounciations forever...but he doesn't always cooperate when my phone comes out. 


Lil' man must be going through a growth spurt because he has quite the appetite these days. 

Breakfast hasn't changed, he still eats a "nana" and "waffle" for breakfast every morning. Some days he only eats half of each, but most days he eats an entire waffle and banana and even some of my breakfast. One day he ate an entire banana, waffle, a turkey sausage link, some of my English muffin, and hard boiled eggs. 

Lunch varies but he eats a lot of "am" (ham) and "gobble gobble" (turkey), cheese, beets, carrots, booberries (which is what he calls blueberries and strawberries) Occasionally we have peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese. 

Dinner is mostly whatever we are eating and occasionally chicken nuggets if we end up cooking dinner after he goes to bed. He is still a big fan of any Italian or Mexican food...definitely our kid.

His favorite snacks are "booberries", cheese, veggie straws, goldfish, and most especially "cooks" (Vanilla wafers) If we accidentally leave the pantry open he tends to help himself to the cooks and crackers....told you he is a piggy!


Minus one VERY long night he has been sleeping and napping like a champ. He is officially down to one nap and usually goes down between 12:30 and 12:45. He usually sleeps at least 2 hours. He has had the occasional hour and a half nap...but then also he has had a few 3 hour naps. Consistency has never been his strong suit ;) 

He goes to bed at night around 7:30 and wakes up around 7-7:30AM and he has even slept until 8:00 a few times. It has been so nice not having to wake him up for school in the mornings. It's going to be a rude awakening for sure! 

The biggest change in his sleeping this month is we have given him a "wi-wow" and he is obsessed. He has always gone down pretty easy for nap and bed, but now with the pillow it's like I can't put him in his crib fast enough.

He doesn't usually fall asleep right away, he lays in bed singing, talking to himself, and playing with this stuffed animals. 


Summer break has given us the opportunity to have lots and lots of fun! 

Despite the heat, we made it to the park a couple of times...

As always we made a stop at his favorite bench

Benny and his favorite person "Nona"

We spent some time in/at the pool...

This little water baby just couldn't get enough! 

Our little firecracker LOVED the 4th of July

We spent the afternoon out at my parents setting off kid fireworks with the cousins. 

We weren't really sure how he would like the loud noises, but he was obsessed. Poppers quickly became his favorite part of the afternoon.

 Every time he would get one to pop he would yell "Hey!"

These 3 had the best time setting off fireworks with their papa. 

He had to enjoy a little pre-fireworks show bomb pop to get ready. There is not question about it...this guy is a popsicle fiend! 

I tried to get him to take a selfie with me, but he couldn't be bothered to sit still...

That is until papa started shooting off the big fireworks...

I was a little worried with keeping up past his bedtime and the loud booms that he would be a mess...

Turns out he is a fireworks guy like his papa. He sat and watched so intently and each time one would go off he would clap his hands and say "whoa!"

Most definitely my favorite 4th of July yet! 

Jenni and Evan were in town so we hit up the aquarium...

Benny had the best time and ran through the place yelling "FISH" and making his dolphin sound. It was hilarious...and maybe a bit embarrassing ;) 

We headed down to Grandma and Grandpas lot for some family pictures and even more fireworks. 

Getting this kid to look at the camera isn't the other picture AJ has his eyes closed, so I think it's genetic. I figured this one was best because Benny has an excuse...he's a toddler ;) 

Benny enjoyed relaxing on the deck with his favorite book.

Singing songs and playing with Aunt Jenni

He "patiently" waited for Uncle Evan to set off the fireworks...

He loved getting to spend some time with his Auntie Joyce

He played a little pants free frisbee

We went to Matt Ross for their "Toddle Time"

 Benny had the best time running around playing with ALL the toys. It was really great for the extra short attention span he has these days :) 

Daddy bought him a soccer ball..

they are both obsessed ;) 

We checked out "Touch A Truck"

 Benny seemed to enjoy himself, but we weren't too crazy about how busy it was and the LONG lines. 

We spent hours upon hours just hanging out and playing the backyard. His water table and sensory table got lots and lots of use this month. He would seriously live outside if we would let him.

 This summer has just been SO.MUCH.FUN and I know we both hate to see it end. I have loved having this extra time to love on my boy. We had so many fun adventures and I got to see him experience things for the first time. I feel like I will never quit saying "this is my favorite age" because let's face it...there is something so special and so fun about each and every stage.