Thursday, August 30, 2018

Life With Benny: 17 months

Holy whirlwind...what a crazy month it has been. Heading back to work and saying goodbye to summer break was a tough transition...and then add to that a new job for mommy, issues with daycare and 2 ear infections and I suppose you could say the transition was less than smooth.

However, through it all our little guy has been such a trooper. Minus being a little clingy and some separation anxiety our guy has rolled with the punches this month. 

We started at a new daycare (due to my job change/location) in mid-July, and after just 2 weeks (4 total days) we decided it just wasn't the place for us. A mother's gut instinct is rarely ever wrong and I just didn't feel comfortable. We quickly found a new daycare provider and felt confident that we made the right choice...and here we are a month later and we are getting ready to start at a new place. 

All the transitions and changes have been hard on all of us (although, Benny seems to be handling it the best) and my mom guilt is at an all time high. I am just hoping and praying that this next place is the right fit for our little guy and family. 

I've been so impressed with Benny's resiliency through it all and while I do feel guilty for moving him yet again...I won't settle for less than the best care for him. As a working mom I have to be able to leave him with someone I know loves him and keeps him safe so I can focus on my job and I won't stop looking until I find that...although, I feel really confident that our new gal will be just perfect. I swear the clouds parted and the angels sang when we met with her. 

Physically our little guy just seems to age 10 years every time we get his hair cut...I mean seriously, why does this happen? He is still fitting into some of his 12 mo stuff, but is mostly wearing 12-18 mo clothes. We are hoping he can hold on through the end of these warm months until fall. His trusty summer sandals are getting a little snug and it's about time to get him some cute fall tennis shoes for fall. 

This month we saw huge growth in Benny's language. He has been talking quite a bit prior to this month, but his words seem to have doubled overnight. 

He is such a curious guy and will focus so intently as we look through books and point out different things...and then a few days later he will wow us when he points at something and identifies it. 

He has been able to tell us the sounds of most animals for quite awhile now, but now he can name them as well. He can say cow, chicken, dog, cat, duck, monkey, bird, etc. There aren't many animals he doesn't know the name of. I give credit to the animal flash cards I picked up in the Target dollar spot. He is obsessed with these things and when he comes to an animal he doesn't know he will bring it to us and say "dat?" 

He is also a master at naming his body parts. He knows his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly button, head, hair, shoulders, hands, fingers, feet, toes, arm, and even his elbows.

He is identify shapes and colors like crazy. He knows purple, yellow, green, blue, red, and pink. He can also identify stars, hearts, circles, and ovals. He was doing this a little bit last month, but this month he is more consistent with his answers. It used to be that everything was "wellwow" but now he says the right color 90% of the time. 

He loves singing songs and the ABC's top his list of favorites. One day he was sitting on my treadmill (a daily occurrence) and he pointed at the letters on the motor and looked at me and said "A, B, C's" and I was totally blown away. 

He also loves to count...we usually count and stop and wait for him to fill in the number. He obviously isn't very consistent but he loves to count to 3 when it comes to being tipped upside down or spun in a circle. 

This boy never stops moving these days and when he isn't running he is dancing. His favorite songs to dance to include "Who Let The Dogs Out", "Jump Jump", "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" It is so cute to see his face light up when we tell Alexa to play one of his songs. 

He nearly ate us out of house and home this month. I think it's safe to say he was going through a growth spurt. 

Breakfast has always been his favorite meal and this month was no exception. For breakfast he usually eats a banana and a waffle or pancake. This month he was eating an entire banana, a whole waffle or pancake along with whatever he could snag off my plate. Most mornings he would then turn around and eat breakfast again at daycare. 

Snacks also became a pretty big deal this month. After daycare you can often find him banging on the pantry door yelling "nacks" and "mulk" He is a big fan of an crackers, cookies, fruit, cheese, or applesauce pouches. 

His favorite foods include "boo-berries" (which is what he calls blueberries and strawberries), "cooks" (vanilla wafers), goldfish, chicken nuggets, french fries, ketchup (to "dip-dip") 

For dinner we usually give him a veggie and fruit that we know he will eat along with whatever we are eating. He is really pretty good about trying anything we put on his plate. The only thing I have noticed he will spit back out is green peppers. 

Sleeping has been wonderful...even with his ear infections he slept great. He usually goes to bed around 7-7:30 and we wake him up between 6:45-7 in the mornings. On the weekends he will sometimes sleep till 7-7:30 which is nice. He usually sleeps his latest on the mornings I get up early to go for a run...#OfCourse

He is still loving his "pi-yow" and blanket in his crib, although his blanket usually doesn't stay on him for very long. He has been sleeping in a sleep sack for as long as I can remember and we have started to wean him away from that during nap time and he has done great. 

During the summer he wasn't a big fan of playing by himself, but now the first thing he does every day is point at the play room and say "Pway, Pway?" and he wants to go in there and tinker around with all of his toys. I think it's because he is at daycare during the day and his toys are a little more interesting to him now that he doesn't see them all day every day. 

His favorite toys are his drum-set, puzzles, flash cards, cars, trucks, trains, and any sort of automobile. He is also a big fan of the pink ball pit handed down to him from his cousins. He loves running in and out of it and playing "boo"

He still would prefer to be "ah-side" and has been pretty obsessed with sidewalk chalk. He wants to "color, color" everything. Now that he has mastered running he is now onto climbing. He loves to climb up the slide and rock wall on our swing set. 

Water is still a favorite and we made another trip to the splash pad this summer and as we were leaving this couple that was there with their grand kids stopped me and said "he doesn't have any fear does he"and the answer to that is no...this kid has absolutely no fear of anything. He was running through the water yelling "WATER" and having the time of his life. He certainly is fun...but my nerves are shot by the end of a day! 

I tell people all the time that we truly hit the jackpot with such a good kiddo. He is happy, easy-going, and super well mannered. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he stays that way...and that any future children of ours don't make us pay for how easy we have it right now ;) 


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