Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Go Chiefs!!

From my previous post about ice skating you know I hate the cold. This next opportunity came about while I was still thawing out from ice skating at the south pole.

As Dan and I were driving home from Crown Center I got a phone call from my friend Andy telling me they had an extra ticket to the Chiefs playoff game the very next day. Now don't get me wrong, I love going to football games and the Chiefs making it to the play-offs is a rare occurance. However, earlier that night while watching the news Bryan Busby said it was supposed to snow the next day and the temperatures were going to be much lower than I would like. I hesistated to answer, however Andy was the one who inspired my New Year's resolution, so he knew my weakness. It took a little bit of convincing and him telling me I wasn't following my New Year's resolution if I didn't suck it up and go before I said "What the heck....Why not?"

Luckily I ran into this guy at the game. They had a warm apple cider drink that was delicious!
If I ever need a reminder of how short I am I definitely know who to call.
Kristen, Taylor, Lindsay, Andy and I. Thanks to the guys I was able to go to the game and thanks to the ladies for free red parking and tiny bottles of wine ;)
I didn't realize Andy only goes to sporting events if he can sit 3 rows from the top. A few weeks prior we bought scalped tickets to the K-State basketball game at Sprint Center, and we definitely sat 3 rows from the top. That game is responsibile for my New Year's Resolution.
Random fact about me: I make friends with complete strangers pretty much anywhere. Waiting in line at Wal-Mart, eating at a restaurant, shopping at the mall, getting a red-box movie etc etc...well the Chiefs game was no exception. Our seats were next to 4 very intoxicated men who I promptly made friends with. Kyle, the guy sitting right next to me had a Jamaal Charles jersey and he kept rubbing his belly for luck...needless to say it was weird, yet amusing. After a few poor plays by the Chiefs, Kyle decided I should wear the jersey for better luck...this picture is from when I was getting ambushed....

My new friend Kyle and I in the jersey...too bad it didn't end up being good luck :(


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