Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sushi and Japanese beer

I have had Sushi two times in my life...the very first time was at Kona Grill on the Plaza during a happy hour. I was really adventurous and ordered the California roll :) The second time was during our girls vacation to Branson. Heather and Lauren were DYING for Sushi and I didn't have the heart or a death I couldn't say no. I ordered chicken teryaki and a roll called eye of the tiger. It was pretty good...but I guess I still wasn't sold.

Last Saturday night I went out with my sister-in-law and her friends for her birthday. We went to Stix, an AMAZING Japanese steak house! I of course brought along my eternal plus one, Dan. Before we ordered dinner Dan says to me "If I order a roll will you eat some of it" well I, thinking he means bread, agree right away...obviously at a Japanese steak house he didn't mean bread...but a sushi roll...I felt really dumb. I was a little apprehensive at first...but figured "What the heck...Why not?" He had ordered a Las Vegas was DELICIOUS! I'm not sure what was in it besides cream cheese...and I can NEVER say no to cream cheese!

So, I am feeling pretty good about sticking to my resolution at this point...first I ordered a Kirin Light (a Japanese beer) instead of my regular Boulevard and now I have eaten sushi with eel sauce. Well, prepare to be even more amazed...I didn't just stop there. On the side of this roll was also something called Nigiri. This was white rice covered with a strip of raw salmon draped across it. It was one thing to eat the sushi where I couldn't see the raw fish...but this? Again...I reminded myself "What the heck...why not?" and I went for it!
Drinking my Kirin Light...It was actually pretty delicious!

Nigiri...with chopsticks!

Las Vegas roll


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