Saturday, January 29, 2011


After winter break, a few scheduled days off and multiple snow days, going back to work was definitely less than pleasant. My students are out of their minds...they seem to have forgotten how to act in public...let alone in school. There was NO WAY I could wait until our scheduled Friday happy hour, so we moved it up a few Monday ;)
Monday after school me and a few friends headed up to Ra, a sushi place with a great happy hour. Great drink specials and half price sushi which meant I could try several different kinds. After the Las Vegas roll at Stix I had been itching to try more!

We started off happy hour with a beer...and I chose Chang Lager, a Japanese beer. I knew I liked Kirin Light so I thought I would try another type of Japanese beer...bad idea... it was terrible so I switched to Kirin Light.

When it came time to order sushi I was at a total loss...I put all my trust into Dan and let him choose 4 different rolls and I said I would split it with him. My only request was another Las Vegas roll. Along with my choice we ordered Tootsy Maki, Spicy Salmon and the Rainbow roll. I tried every kind we ordered...even the Spicy Salmon...and I hate spicy food.

After finishing off our sushi and a couple more beers, Dan started talking about this Quail Egg shot he took the last time he was there. This shot is a combination of sake, red bull (?) and the yolk from a quails egg. Needless to say this was definitely not a drink that I had been dying to try...but when Dan brought it up I decided it would make a great "What the heck, Why not?" moment!

Here is my shot...just looking at this picture makes my stomach turn. You are supposed to take the shot and break the yolk in your mouth...GAG!

These guys were troopers and agreed to do the shot with me! Dan had even taken one before and still agreed to it...i'm starting to think he is crazy!!

Down the hatches...seconds after this shot I proceeded to gag...Dan started to choke from laughing at me and the guy on the left moved away from me thinking I was actually going to puke...but lets be honest I am way to awesome to puke after a shot...even one that has egg yolk in it!


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