Monday, July 11, 2011

Kiss Me I'm Irish

When summer started I got very excited about all the time I was going to have to do whatever I wanted. Clean, organize, watch tv, workout, hang out with friends and most importantly catch up on my blog. However, just like any other summer I don't have nearly as much time as I hoped and it has gone much faster than I would like. Also in my excitement about Laura's wedding I skipped 2 very important posts! So here I am going back and fixing my mistakes!!

This year for St. Patrick's Day I knew I was going to go to Westport, but what I didn't know was that I was going to start at 10 am and last all the way until 2:30 am. Originally I was just going to meet up with everyone around 1 or so, and go from there. Well, when I woke up that morning I had a text from Jessica saying that everyone was meeting at her house and the cabs were leaving at 10am!! At this point, I was still thinking I would wait and meet everyone else...but as I was getting around I thought to myself "What the heck...Why not?" and I decided I would start at 10am with the rest of them :)

We met at Jessica's had a few beers...yes I drank beer for breakfast, but I did pack a few granola bars in my purse. We hopped in cabs, I joined 3 guys I had never met before and figured why not...I love making new friends :) When we got there we started at Kelly's for a few big beers. As the day went on we made our way to Ernie Biggs and spent some time getting food from the amazing street vendors!! As the day wore on we went back to Kelly's to end our time in Westport. We then decided we were tired and that it was time to go home....but as always we decided to stop in at a few different places, make friends with cab drivers and then end our night at Flo's, which is always an interesting experience :)

I did in fact bring my camera with me, but as luck would have it my camera was dead :( Fortunately I was able to steal a few photos from Jenna and Erin, so my day wasn't a complete waste ;)

2 of my cab friends, Amy, Erin and I at Ernie Biggs...I'm guessing this was about noon?

Amy, Erin, Kala and I enjoying the beautiful day and wonderful beer :)

Later in the day I met up with Jenna


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