Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mullet-ly delicous

So, when my friend Shawn told me he wanted to go to a karaoke bar before he moved back to Iowa I was up for the challenge of finding the perfect place. I googled "Karaoke bars in Overland Park" and found several different places. I finally decided on The Red Balloon for a few different reasons: 1) Free admission 2) They had karaoke EVERY night and 3) The reviews on this places made it impossible to pass up. I am going to share a couple of the reviews I read so you know what our expectations were walking in to the bar.

The bartenders look like cheap prostitutes, so don't mistake them for anything but your friendly neighborhood alcohol supplier.

If you suffer from ADD or ADHD then this is the place for you.

My favorite dive bar in all of KC. The only place I have gotten close to getting in a girl fight in.

If your having a rough week and need to feel like a million bucks, The Red Balloon is the "support group" you've been looking for.

A friend of mine got picked up by a guy who was driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile across the country at the Red Balloon.

Now the following reviews were enough to sell me on this place, but when I came across this last beauty I knew I was set....

The Red Balloon is an institution. It's gritty, it's smoky, and mullet-ly delcious.

Now, even though I sang onstage at Laura's wedding (see earlier post) I have NEVER sang karaoke and honestly never really had the desire. I was humoring Shawn and figured I would sit back and watch the fun. However, after reading the reviews I thought to myself if I were going to sing karaoke, this would probably be the place to do it. I mean "What the heck...why not?"

The view walking into the bar... one of the reviews I read said that none of the tables or chairs matched and it looked like they had found all of them in a dumpster. That review was spot on.

Kala's friend Andrea was in town visiting and she wanted to show her a good time, so naturally after I told them about the bar they couldn't pass it up!

An hour or so into the night Shea, Erin, Laura, and Nicholas decided to join in on the festivities.

Before karaoke even began we had a mini-dance party. I believe this was the Cupid Shuffle?

Obviously enjoying ourselves already, but little did we know the fun had only just begun

This gentleman encompassed every review I read...he would get on stage to sing his songs and rip open his pearl snap shirt to give the ladies a was hard to resist let me tell ya!

Shawn wanted to be friends with this guy

Shawn singing "Trashy Women"


Shea, Laura, and I

During the Electric Slide, the flasher decided to dance right by me and let me know that he "liked the way I moved" If you can't tell by my face, I was a little freaked out.

My karaoke debut..."Any Man of Mine"

Let me hear ya say YEAH!

Kala and Shawn decided to do C'mon N' Ride the Train, and I decided to start a train throughout the bar and suprisingly...or not SEVERAL people joined in.

The night was not complete without a little 2-steppin'

I have no words...

"Queen of my double wide trailer"

If you have never visited The Red Balloon, are afraid of being judged while you sing karaoke, or love to people watch this is most definitely the place for you. I would highly recommend it.


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