Sunday, October 16, 2011

Matt Nathenson, Train, and Maroon 5....YES PLEASE!!

After missing out on many concerts and fun events because I need to "think" about it and by the time I decide I want to buy tickets they are sold out...I decided that when the Maroon 5 tickets went on sale I would buy some right away. Lauren and I both LOVE Maroon 5 (or maybe just Adam Levine) so I knew she would be up for going and the concert was right after her viola...birthday gift :)

I bought the tickets in March, and the concert wasn't until September, and I was terrified I would lose the tickets...however despite my past with losing things I managed to maintain control over these puppies for several months!

I have been to several concerts in my life and I have seen some amazing bands...but WOW... Matt Nathenson, Train, and Maroon 5 were phenomenal. This concert ranks in my top 5...the songs were great, Adam Levine is beautiful, and the performances were wonderful...despite Trains lead singer's pants ;)

As usual Lauren and I made many new friends...and maybe an enemy or two...but that is all Lauren's fault :)

Couldn't have asked for better weather OR better company :)
Train was fantastic! I took probably 14 million pictures, but I will spare you ;)
Another picture of us...
...and another, because apparently we needed more :)
I love drunk obnoxious people at sporting events, concerts, restaurants, bars...pretty much anywhere. This woman happened to be our entertainment for the night. She was fantastic!
Pure sexiness right there ;)


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