Sunday, October 9, 2011

Warrior Dash

I have made some really stupid decisions because of this New Year's Resolution. I make decisions without thinking twice (which is kind of the idea) and then highly regret them later on...  This particular event was one of them. I got yet another e-mail from Brandon aka our event coordinator telling everyone about this race called The Warrior Dash and what wave everyone was going to be signing up for. Before even thinking I was like "What the heck, why not?" replied to the e-mail and registered for the race. I didn't exactly know what this race was all about...except for that I would get a free warrior helmet, and honestly that was enough for me. After signing up I decided to research it a little more...and WOW it was definitely was not what I was expecting, but it said you should train to be in 10K shape and I have ran several of those so I figured I would be just fine.

As the day of the race got closer I realized that it was end of July...and HOT outside. I don't particulary love running outside in the heat, which is why in the summer I run at 6am to avoid it. Well, not only was it the end of July, the heat we signed up for started at noon. Talk about good planning on our part ;)

As always, the morning of the race I was cursing the person who talked me into this, but really this time I could only blame myself. (And yes, I sign up for these races and then whine the WHOLE morning of because I don't wanna do!) We all met at Brandon's to carpool up to the race, and honestly at this point I was starting to get nervous. It was only a 5k run...but there were 10 obstacles that we would have to pass through along the way. I can run...but I wouldn't say my upper body strength or coordination are exceptional ;)

I did in fact make it through the race successfully, but it wasn't an easy task...let's just say the obstacles were not meant for a shorter person like myself. The very first one was a retaining wall of sorts and the guys that were around me were literally jumping over this like it was nothing...I had to pull myself up and over because they were almost as tall as me! The rope at the end was also not meant for someone with short legs...just getting onto the rope was a challenge in! However the most challenging (yet humorous) part was the excessive amount of mud on the trails...not only were the trails muddy but they were extremely hilly...several parts of the race were impossible to run through...although I tried and ended up on my rear!! All in all it was a great day...and it is over with. I can't say I would voluntarily sign up for this race again...but who knows ;)
 Unfortunately I didn't have access to my camera for the day so I had to take these photos from the web-page...I like this picture because it makes me look like I am beating everyone ;) Lol! I finished 121st out of 806 women in my age group and 438th out of over 3,000 others on Saturday, which I think is a pretty darn good accomplishment!
 At the very end of the race they had a fire pit you had to jump legs were literally jello at this point and jumping was the last thing I wanted to do :)
We all finished the race!!! Way to go guys...we rock!
The final obstacle was a mud-pit...which I am no stranger to, but this particular mud pit was quite the experience...I tried to step in carefully and totally bit it...hence being covered in mud :)


  1. You know you want to do this again next summer! We will definitely do the earliest time possible, noon was a bad choice :)