Thursday, November 24, 2011

Go Cyclones!!

Since nearly 75% of my friends are from the great state of Iowa, I have been one by one checking off the "must sees" of the state. This year it was decided that I needed to see an Iowa State football game. However, it couldn't be just any game it had to be the Iowa State vs Iowa game. I don't know much about Iowa State football...but it was clear to me the minute we arrived that this was going to be a BIG game!

Saturday morning we started VERY early...and since I didn't have my own Iowa State shirt...Erin let me borrow one of hers!

You can't tailgate without mimosa's, and despite what you might think, I had only had one tiny sip when disaster struck. I spilled...which really isn't all that suprising if you know me ;)

I like to surround myself with extremely tall people....


Half-time performance

At one of my other Iowa adventures we went to the Iowa State fair where I witnessed a woman using her purse to protect herself from the rain. Apparently it is a growing trend...this woman was using her program to block the sun.

During triple overtime Erin was not all ;)

CYCLONES WON!!!! I have been to my fair share of sporting events, but this was by far one of the most exciting, amazing games I have ever witnessed!

After the game Erin and I decided to head out for a little college fun...this is where we discovered we were OLD period.

A little reunion time with my favorite drinking buddy was also a highlight of the weekend :)


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