Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Sky Montana: Day 1

One of the first things on "My 12 in 12" was to go on a ski trip. I chose this for a few different reasons 1) This group has gone for the last few years and I always miss out because I don't want to spend the money or take the time off of work 2) I have never been on a ski trip or been skiing, and funny enough I didn't end up skiing in Montana either (more on that later) and finally 3) Spending a long weekend with a great group if people in Big Sky Montana seemed like the perfect way to kick off 2012 :)

Day 1 was a LOOOONG day...mostly because we left for the airport around 4 am, and being the genius and worry wart that I am I decided that I would just stay up all night to make sure I would have everything packed and ready and I wouldn't be late! The good news was I was able to sleep on the plane and all we had planned for that first evening was hot tubbing and wine :)

Derek stayed up all night as well :)
The view from the airport
Bozeman Airport was adorable...It had a whopping 8 terminals! We loved the bear statues, I was just glad it was winter and I wouldn't have to worry about real bears!
The first thing we NEEDED to do once we got there was take pictures...priorities right?
With 21 people, we were short on fridge space, good thing we are all very resourceful ;)

View from the back porch....Pictures can't even begin to do this justice!
The hot tub
View from the front porch
Each of the bedrooms had robes for us to use...thank goodness they were really attractive ;)
I clearly wasn't thinking when I didn't bring sandals...I decided my boots would work just fine ;)
Doesn't get much better than this :)
Kala and I didn't waste any time
However, we decided it was best to head inside to the sauna when all the boys got back from skiing, we didn't want to interfere with the extreme game of footsie ;)


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