Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Yep...this gentleman right here is my dad. The man who raised me, the man who helped make me who I am today. Believe it or not I (on a regular basis I might add) hear the phrase "You are just like your father" from my mom when I do something that makes her shake her head. The good news is...this doesn't offend me one bit. My dad rocks...his hardworking, fun, sarcastic, crude humored, sometimes too honest self is something I don't mind being compared to one bit!

Now on Father's Day EVERYONE claims that their dad is the best....but I in fact do have the best dad...and not just on Father's Day...but EVERY day!!
Over the years, my dad has been there for me in many different ways and in an ode to my dad this Father's Day I would like to revisit some of the reasons I appreciate him!

At age 3 he humored this little chef by eating her carefully prepared meals in her toy kitchen

At age 5 he would sit with me and do the picture searches in my Highlights magazines. Even though they were the easiest things in the world he would let me find the pictures on my own. I remember the days that those things came in the mail were my favorite. I would sit patiently by the door waiting for him to come home from a long day at work, and even though I know he was tired he would spend that time with me.

At age 8 he bought my brother and I a mini bike and let us ride it around the yard and when I ran right into his car he calmly picked me and the bike up checking to make sure we were both okay (all while I am sure my mother was yelling "I told you so") and even after my mom made him get rid of the bike...he made sure we still had a fun toy and got us a little go-kart (we were the coolest kids on the street!)

At age 11 he took me to my very first REO Speedwagon concert and still to this day we still enjoy our favorite music together whether it be at a classy cover band concert or at one of the 6 REO Speedwagon concerts we have been to!

At age 12 he played catch with me in the back yard and went to EVERY one of my softball games

At age 15 on our way to my grandparents house he pulled the car over and MADE me (yes made me) try driving our car for the very first time.

At 16 my dad bought me my very first car...which was a 5-speed. He spent HOURS in the car with me and we spent HOURS yelling at each other and even after the car ended up in someone else's front yard he never gave up on teaching me to drive ;)

At 18 he helped me pack up my stuff and moved me off to college...and later that year he came and packed me up again and moved me home for the summer....and then helped pack me up yet again so I could move back to college...and then home again for the get the idea ;)

At 21 my dad and I discovered our love of trying new beers together.

At 23 he let me move back home so I could finish student teaching and not have to worry about paying rent...yep he helped me move home that time too :)

At 24 he packed up all of my stuff and helped me move into my first apartment...then helped me move to my second apartment...and then to my current residence...I think I will hire someone to move me next time :)

At 27 I realize that I am in fact the luckiest girl in the world to have the dad that I do. They say that a dad is a little girl's first hero and I am so grateful every day for the hero in my life.

After making this list I realize there are so many things my dad has done for me over the years...even more than I can even fit in one post! I don't EVER take for granted how lucky I am to have a man like this in my life! Happy Father's Day Dad!! I love you!


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