Friday, October 12, 2012

I "mustache" you a question...but I think I will "shave" it for later

It's no secret that I love good beer(s) and a spending an entire day with my favorite people...that is why a pub crawl is the perfect thing for me. This year not only did I get to enjoy the day with my friends and drink beer, but I got to wear a mustache. That's right read that correctly...I GOT to wear a mustache. This mustache contributed to a day full of puns (another thing I love) and many weird looks (here is the question you "mustache" yourself...did we care? Nope!) Since this was all the way back in May (?) and I spent a day "day-drinking" the details are slightly fuzzy...I will let the pictures speak for themselves....
We decided mustaches were not enough...we spent some time raiding Bob's closet for the perfect ties...I decided I would let the professional tie mine for me :)
Did we have fun...well if you "mustache" we had a fabulous time...but when it comes to my Goose and I that is not a surprise
We thought we would aim for a "normal" picture...but if you notice the guys on our shirts are wearing mustaches and I tucked my mustache on a stick into my tie...far from normal :)
I "mustache" you...does it get any cuter than this?
One team offered us beer for this gem...and they meant Josh, not the glasses! Luckily for Josh we kind of like him, so we declined.
Looking quite sophisticated I must say (and yes I did just spend a few minutes trying to figure out a way to work mustache into that caption)
Just a normal day on the bus...
I'm so glad we didn't trade him for beer
In my first trip to the Westport Flea Market I discovered that there really was a flea market inside...good thing Goose kept me from going in :)
After waiting for what seemed like hours to flag down a bus, Jessica somehow convinced this group (who had rented this party bus?) to let us biggie we will just crash your birthday for a little while.
Then Jessica decided that she would repay them for the ride with a little song and dance.
They did not regret letting us join their bus...that's for sure
Who left these crazies alone with the mustache and pitcher of beer?
At this point things got a little ridiculous...
Finally made it to the Beaumont Club...if you notice I decided to put my mustache on my cup so it would only appear as if I had a mustache when I was taking a drink.

Group Shot!
Not exactly sure who this girl is...but I love that Goose is below her waiting to catch the spilling beer

Good friends always look out for one when Jessica spotted a guy she thought was cute, naturally she called me over and told me to give him my number...and the best part was she knows me so well because as I was giving him my number (a fake one as usual) she put her hands on her hips and said "Heather...give him your REAL number!" thanks :)


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