Friday, May 24, 2013

Project 365- March

Things I loved about March:
1) January and February are over...this means we are on the downhill slide to summer!
2) My niece's "birth" day
3) Daylight Savings...I love having more daylight (however, this old lady had a really hard time getting her sleep schedule adjusted to losing that hour)
4) Spring Break! (Need I say more?)
5) My favorite holiday...St. Patrick's Day!
6) March Madness!!!!
7) Out of town family visiting the newest addition to our family

I think it is safe to say March was a good month :)
March started out perfectly with dinner at Mi Ranchito with AJ, John and Kelly. Good food, good company, and blue margaritas. Couldn't have asked for anything more!!
This has to be one of my favorite nights of all time...AJ and I started our day at Johnny's to watch a few of the basketball games. We told a few of our friends what we were doing and they ended up joining us. It was a random group and the only thing they all had in common was that they were friends with the 2 of us. Luckily we both have the best friends ever and they all got along wonderfully, so wonderfully that we decided after the games were over we NEEDED to go bowling...I'm glad we did, because we had the BEST time!
Fact: My mom's chili is the when she invited us out for Sunday dinner, it was a no brainer!! In true little brother fashion, Brandon dropped his spoon and splattered chili all over my white would think after having him around for 25 years I would know better :)
I love watching The Bachelor...and I am not ashamed :) Luckily for me Kala feels the same way about the show AND mint chocolate chip ice cream. We had a fun little girl's night criticizing the bachelor and his decisions over a bowl of ice cream.
Ever since the day Caitlin and Brandon told me they were going to have a baby I had been DYING to buy cute little baby things. I was able to resist (minus some Christmas presents and shower gifts of course) until the day before she was to arrive. I just couldn't help, what's a "birth" day without presents!!
This clock and I became VERY close friends...With a 15 or so hour labor, it is safe to say I glanced at this puppy a time or two! I took this picture right after the nurse came out to tell us Finley had arrived!
This was the absolute BEST DAY of my life so far. Seeing her beautiful face and holding her for the first time made me fall head over heels in love! Being an aunt is the BEST thing in the world!!
Yep, don't worry she will be featured in many of my photos from this point forward...but really can you blame me?? She is so stinking cute :)
While in California Jessica bought us these stylish "Caturday" glasses...don't worry I waited until after midnight to wear the glasses and snap the pic ;)
French Toast for breakfast was the perfect way to start a lazy Sunday :)
Welp, here she is again :) I couldn't resist stopping by for a little Monday snuggle!
The end of third quarter means I have to get my act together and get everything graded and in order in the grade book. Luckily I am pretty good at keeping ahead of the game so it wasn't too much work!
My new favorite/easiest meal EVER!! Grand's biscuits stuffed with sloppy joe mix and cheese....YUMMY!
Teacher work day during March Madness?? Thank goodness I was able to watch the games on my smart board! It definitely made putting grades in much more enjoyable!
Spring Break started out with perfect weather and an amazing run on my favorite trail!
I had to get all my SPD swag together for an early start the next day! What is St. Patrick's Day without goofy headwear and drinking glasses?
As if I needed another reason to love St. Patrick's Day...AJ and I were awkwardly introduced by his brother and sister in law. They had high hopes of a love connection lol! Unfortunately for the match makers we made them sweat it out for several months after the "introduction" until we decided to humor them ;)  I'm kinda glad we did...I would venture to say that awkward day last year was one of the best things to ever happen to me :)
I occasionally dog sit for a teacher at my's the best job ever! Not only are her dogs little angels, but she leaves me wine and commands that I drink it :)
Sometimes I get so caught up in my day that I forget to take pictures. This was the case the night Goose and I went to Mi Ranchito for some much needed catch up time. All that was left by the end of the meal was a bowl of chips (that we fought hard to finally get I might add)
It may have been sunny, but it was still REALLY cold! These two goofballs didn't mind one bit! They were pretending that it truly was the first day of spring :)
Nothing beats getting a massage and having your nails done :)
I have had this clock for almost 2 years now...I finally hung it on the wall this past summer, and then decided over spring break that I should probably put batteries in it :)
Yep, more Finners :) I see her at least once a week, so you should be prepared for at least one photo per week to feature this little beauty!
Going back to work after spring break is hard (teacher problems) so I came straight home from work and curled up in bed to watch MORE Parenthood (I watched the ENTIRE second season over spring break)
At my school each month we have an early release Tuesday/staff development, and having the amazing PTA that we do they make sure to bring us food and goodies to help us survive the afternoon ;)
For our teacher auction this year we offered an afternoon of bowling with the 3rd grade teachers. We had a blast...and I may or may not have won ;)
Beer, wings, and an awesome win by my Buckeyes made for a great night!
My grandpa and grandma came in town from Ohio to visit this sweet little bug, which meant a whole weekend with Finley :)
She was VERY relaxed snuggled up with Grandpa!
Miss Grace loves going out to my parents house...but boy is she tired by the time we get home!

March Outtakes:

One day new...becoming an aunt was definitely the highlight of March...and you will probably be seeing LOTS more pictures of this cute little face!
It is hard to believe my goofy little brother is now responsible for another human being!! lol :)
It was REALLY hard to leave the hospital that afternoon...I just wanted to snuggle her forever!!
See...I told you there would be LOTS of pictures :)
This is a picture Caitie sent to me after I had come over to visit and Finley slept the WHOLE time. I told her I didn't think she was ever awake or that she had eyes at all!! Someone was wide awake here!
Spring break meant a nice long visit with Ms. Finners! Of course my mom joined as well :)
Another St. Patrick's Day with my love :) This was towards the end of the day so please don't judge ;)
I love my friends :)
It is SO nice having my best friend live in the same city as me again! It's been since college that we were able to celebrate our favorite holiday together!
Hey case you have get to marry this ;)
But I guess...who am I to talk? I get to date this ;)
This completely sums up our night of two words: HOT MESS
Oh here we are again...yep, we are pretty fun :)
But not nearly as fun as Nicholas :)
When Jess and I get together there are bound to be shenanigans! Especially on Caturdays :)
This has to be one of my favorite pictures ever...especially because when she poked her head around the corner she said "Shhh...Kitty go to the litter box"


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