Thursday, December 5, 2013

Project 365-July

Looking back through July's pictures makes me really sad...I miss summer vacation and summer weather. I miss sleeping in, running outside instead of on the treadmill, and getting all the time I want to work on things for my classroom. Now, I am just counting down the days till Winter Break and crossing my fingers that it doesn't snow. Yep, July is the superior month for sure....
Go ahead and judge me...I have all summer off  and I CHOOSE to spend 2 days a week in my classroom. Lucky for me, my teacher twin Kim came up to school as well which made spending all day working when we didn't have to, fun! It might have seemed like a bad idea at the time to spend my summer vacation up in my classroom instead of lounging by the pool...but I am sure glad we did as much as we did this summer. I have to say a school year is much smoother when you have things ready ahead of time :)
Don't worry...I didn't spend so much time at school that I missed out on time with this little lady :) The end of summer vacation was almost as painful for me as it was her mama :)
I also made sure to get in plenty of pool time! The best part of apartment living is definitely the pool.
Two years ago to the day, my Goose, moved to Kansas. Since then we have been able to have monthly dinner/pedi dates, celebrate holidays and birthdays together, and best of all we get together on a whim like we used to. I'm so thankful to have my best friend living in the same city as me again :)
My dad turned 50 this year and to celebrate my mom rented out a room at the Boulevard Brewery.
Royal's game with the out of town family...this was also the game that I found out Jeff Francoeur had been traded :(
These two things are dangerous for me...I rarely drink Pepsi (or caffeine for that matter) so when I do, I end up with a sugar rush! Pair that with Candy Crush and I end up staying up WAY past my bed time :)
Gracie is an excellent helper when it comes to laundry...the minute any piece of clothing hits the floor she claims it as her bed :)
Not only did I go to school and work in my classroom, but I would bring things home to work on...I know, I know, you all think I am crazy. I enjoy it though :)
After a rough lower body workout at the gym I thought I would loosen up my muscles with an easy run and some yoga. Ya...that was a major fail...Jillian Michael's yoga is not really yoga or relaxing. I think I was more sore after than I was before :)
There is not much I have to say about this attractive photo...AJ and I are weirdos and do silly things. I can't even remember how this came about...but this is now referred to as our "grumpy muppet"' face.
Wine is always necessary when working on school projects...especially when it's a Friday afternoon :)
Erin and Nick's wedding wasn't short on entertainment...between my awesome friends, the R2D2 grooms cake, and the open bar... the fun was never ending. I mean until Nick did the worm and busted his chin open...I mean who doesn't want to visit the ER on their wedding night?
Baskin Robbins is by far my favorite spot for "Ice Cream Sunday" This photo proved to be a dangerous one...for the ice cream and for AJ. As I was setting up the photo, my graceful boyfriend bumped the table and knocked the ice cream over. Luckily, I have ninja like reflexes and was able to catch it, otherwise AJ may no longer be here :)
A Monday afternoon snuggle with my Finners? Talk about the best kind of Monday :)
28 Home Depot aprons...must be project time in my classroom!
Another day, another project. This one required many deep breaths and walking away several times. Luckily, it all turned out okay :)
Babysitting my little lovie :) She is usually a piece of cake to watch...but this day the only request her mom made was to keep her awake until she got home. As you can tell by the bottom right photo, this was a struggle.
Selfie! The blog that I found the idea for "Project 365" from suggested taking several selfies throughout the year. They aren't my favorite...but they are okay for the days when you forget to take any other picture :)
Yep...another wedding. We definitely attended a record number of weddings this year. Luckily for us there was a photo booth at this wedding. This is by far one of our favorite things to do :)
This lady takes lazy Sundays very seriously.
I may or may not have done a little dance the day this puppy meant one day closer to Mexico!
If I am drinking this beer or you find a 12 pack of this delicious treat in my's safe to say Shawn Beenken is close by.
I'm sorry, what? Chinese/Pedi night with my Goose ended with a disappointing fortune.
2 of my completed projects for my classroom. On the left is my job chart and the right side are our class rules.
An impromptu night with some of my favorite people...I avoided shots though. Not my cup of tea at all!
Yards of beer? Don't mind if we do...actually 2 yards of beer sounds like an even better idea :)
Free concert tickets, QT hotdogs for dinner, and incredible people watching is definitely on my list of favorite activities.
Are these not the cutest things ever??? While watching the finale of the Bachelorette Kim and I HAD to have wine :)
If you didn't already think/know I was a nerd this confirms very own laminator!!! It was definitely an exciting day in teacher land :)
MLS All Star Game

July Outtakes

Finny loves "Fancy" the flamingo that Auntie Heather got her the day she was born :)
 My family is very dysfunctional...
 Boulevard Brewery Tour
 Best car ride ever...luckily we had our wonderful aunt to drive us home after my dad's party :)
 Seriously some of the best friends a girl could ask for!
 Yep, this is real. While I was at a stoplight on Quivira I saw this women run by in a sundress and flats pushing an empty stroller. Is this a new fitness trend?
 This look happens a lot...It is usually when I am trying to get him to cooperate and take a normal picture. Needless to say we have very few "normal" pictures, so clearly the look doesn't work :)
 Gracie loves when we dog sit for Kappie...definitely a wild duo ;)
 This picture cracks me up...I'm not sure why I am making that face, it's not because the beer is not delicious. It might be because this was my 2nd yard of beer though....
 Another summer day well spent :)
 While on our walk she kept looking back at took all my self-control not to stop and pick her up for snuggles :)
Fascinated by her mobile


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