Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014...Off and running!

It's that time again...New Year's Resolution time! Can you tell I am REALLY excited about this one? This year will definitely be my most challenging one yet...but I have no doubt it will be rewarding. I have decided that this year I am going to run one race a month. Since I love to overuse a tag line (see 2011's resolution) and I love a good hashtag I have decided that this year will be known as "Twelve in Twelve 2014" OR if you are a hashtagaholic like me you can call it #TwelveInTwelve2014.

I have been running for YEARS...Just the other day I was thinking back to my first race and I realized it was in 2009! My friend Kristen and I had been running together for a few months just for fun and decided to take the plunge and sign up for a race. We ran a 10k and let me tell you...after that race I was hooked! Nothing beats a race atmosphere and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Plus...who doesn't love a t-shirt?
Kristen and I after our very first 10k in 2009!

I have wanted to do this challenge before (in 2012...when 12 in 12 would have been even cooler) but due to my procrastination the only January race I could find was sold out!! That is why this year I signed up back in October for the Groundhog Run. I went back and forth between whether or not I should do the 5k or 10k. Winter always puts a damper on my desire to run, because I hate the treadmill aka dreadmill. I decided that since I was going to take on this challenge I needed to suck it up and DO IT! I went ahead and signed up for the 10K. While the weather here in Kansas hasn't been ideal...I have managed to get my hatred for the dreadmill under control and I will definitely be ready!

Along with running the races I am going to track my runs and blog about it each month. I know what you are thinking...I'm a terrible blogger and my procrastination always seems to get me off track. This is probably true...but what can I of these days I will get my blogger act together :) In the meantime...just be patient...I will eventually blog about each race!

Looking forward, I have 3 races already planned and registered for... January- The Groundhog Run (10k)
February- The Sweetheart Run (5k) I have convinced my wonderful boyfriend to run this one with as not to have a reenactment of "The Love Run" of 2011 :-)
March- The Big 12 5K My friend Kasey will be running this one with me. I have to say this is probably the race I am most looking forward to because it is her first race EVER! She has never really been a runner and I have managed to convince her to give it a chance and run this race with me. She has been doing such a great job with her training and I absolutely LOVE when she texts me a picture of her sweaty self after a run session! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after we cross the finish line she will tell me that she loves running ;)

The rest of the months are kind of up for grabs...I may run a half marathon in there at some point but I am not sure yet. I also would like to travel for a race (maybe San Diego to run with my cousin?!?), run a virutal race, and do some sort of fun run. I'm keeping my eyes open for races, but if you have any suggestions please let me know!! Just know that if you suggest a race you will have to run it with me :)


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