Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365- November

 I tried to mix things up for November's photos and I decided that I would combine it with the "thankful" challenge that people on Facebook always do. This was stupid...I am not at any shortage for things I am thankful for...but finding photos that show what I am thankful for was hard! There were several times during November I wanted to quit altogether...the only thing that kept me going was knowing that there was only 1 month left!!!

There is absolutely no other way I would rather spend a Friday night than babysitting this little cutie!! I'm so thankful that her mom and dad allow me to spend so much time with her :)
2 of our favorite things...the zoo and face in the hole!! I'm so thankful that AJ humors me :)
I'm thankful for lazy Sunday's spent watching football all day long! Playing Fantasy football this year definitely made the other games more fun to watch as well.
I hate running on the treadmill...but thankfully I have my Ipad to keep my mind off of the fact that I am running in place!!
Simple yet delicious meals are something that I am always thankful for..especially on a cold day!
I know I have taken a lot of pictures of "girl's dinner" but I just couldn't skip it this month. I am so incredibly thankful for these weekly dinners with some of my best friends :)
Cheesy yes...but I am so thankful for such a great boyfriend and a happy and harmonious love life :)
I am always really thankful for an empty "to be graded" basket! This helps me leave school on Friday and never look back...until Monday :)
Celebrating Jessica's 30th birthday! I am so thankful for all of my friends :)
I know I have said this before...but the parent community at TCE is amazing and they are always spoiling me! I am so thankful that they know me so well and get me Mi Ranchito gift cards :)
For Veterans Day I wanted to show how thankful I am for those who have/are currently serving with this photo of my handsome grandfather.
I'm not much of a cook...nor do I want to be, which is why I am so thankful for a boyfriend who likes to cook.
I know the rule is waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas...well I hate waiting that long. That is why this day I was so thankful for my friend Kristen who already had her decorations up...this gave me the only excuse I needed to pull my decorations out!
I love book fairs...and again my students and their parents spoil me with books for our classroom library. Clearly they know me well...George Lucas!!
I am so thankful for the best Vet ever! Not only do they treat Grace really well...but they stay open late!
In November I am always thankful for weather that allows me to run on my favorite trail!
For real...what would I do without this cute face? I am so thankful that I have been able to spend almost 9 years with my little furbaby!
I'm thankful that clearing out space in my closet wasn't as painful as I expected...I think maybe it was worth it :)
We have a SPED teacher at my school who randomly surprises me with this little treat! On this particular morning I was so thankful for a little pick me up :)
My students are incredible...even on the toughest of days they can always make me smile...and for that I am very thankful.
How convenient that on TBT my middle/high school bestie and I got to have a quick catch up chat. I'm so thankful to have her a part of my life even after all of these years :)
I am terrible with make-up...and after many years of the SAME thing I went to Ulta to see if I could find something new. I'm so incredibly thankful that the sales person was patient with me and helped me to find the PERFECT new make-up!
Today I am thankful for a night in with the pup binge watching Scandal!! I mean seriously if you haven't watched this show yet...DO IT!
For my birthday AJ got me tickets to the Chiefs vs San Diego game....Even though it was cold I am thankful the company was great and the seats were incredible!!!
After a long day/night I am really thankful for the miracle of medicine...especially Ibuprofen
After numerous trips up and down the stairs to a 3rd floor apartment today I was thankful that everything had been moved in and this was all that was left to unpack!
I'm thankful for days off spent with this little beauty :)
Are words even necessary here? I'm so incredibly thankful for this crazy lady and a day with my family :)
Catching Fire....FINALLY!!! I don't have to be thankful anymore...but I am glad that AMC has a bar made waiting a few hours for the first non-sold out show a little easier.
Saints with my Goose....I sure love having her living close :)

November Outtakes:

Penguins exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo

It was the perfect day to be out and about at the zoo :)
Happy Birthday to one of my dearest the tiny hate ;)
Heck ya...there is no better way to celebrate a 30th birthday!
She is persistent when it comes to playing fetch...
Good thing she wears out quickly :)


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