Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365- October

Holy moly...October!! I'm trying to wrap everything up today (January 2nd) so that I can put "Project 365" behind me and get started on 2014 :)

Every year my school has a "Hoe Down" and unfortunately this year I couldn't attend because I had other things going on. Luckily though they saved this little gem for me...they came around and took these pics a few weeks before and made these cute little posters. I was proudly displayed in the lunch room for a full week :)
I'm not known for my exceptional cooking when I find something simple on Pinterest I am all over it! I found this 5 can soup...I was a little leery at first, but after trying some, I was sold! I am very thankful for our weekly girl's dinners because then I have guinea pigs that don't have a choice but to try my cooking ;)
TBT- I sure love this lady! "I'm having an after party!"
We started our weekend in Omaha off with "das boot" Let me tell you that thing is HEAVY and not pleasant to drink from...but I can say I have done it!
Our first trip to the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha was a success!!!
After a long weekend these boys were sleepy and slept the whole ride home. Poor Dani, the only company she had was me and my hoarse voice she could hardly hear :)
I always forget why we don't go on more walks...and then we go. I quickly remember how awful she is. She sniffs EVERYTHING and tires out very quickly causing me to carry her home!
This was a very strange movie...
I took several tubs of books to the Half Price Book store and came away $50 richer!! I love having books, but once I have read's silly to keep them, especially when I don't have the extra space.
TBT- One of my favorite weddings ever! "Ahhh....Push it reaaaaallll good"
I told you that we liked pizza ;) This happens to be one of my favorites DiGiornio with breadsticks!
In preparation for Sunday's tailgate AJ wanted to make hashbrown casserole. Little did I know, he was going to shred his own potatoes instead of buying the frozen hashbrowns. This is as far into the process as I made it. I went to bed ;)
A Chiefs win AND a broken record!!
After a long Monday a quick dinner and my book were exactly what I needed!
I sure miss being able to sit on the patio and read my book with my pup...hopefully winter will be over quickly!
Stayed after school to judge our mathletics competition!
I'm not sure who has more fun when we build roller or the kids ;)
I gave my kids a quick writing activity asking them what they thought I should be for Halloween...I guess I should have known better ;)
Pitt State vs Northwest at Arrowhead! This photo shows you exactly how good at taking pictures AJ and I really are...
Oh's another picture of my dog ;) Sundays are less than exciting...and basically this is what we do all day!
This night I took my phone over to Jessica and Bob's house so he could fix my broken screen. Not only did I come away with a fixed phone...but she sent me with dinner as well! This was perfect since it was conference week and I was too tired to cook!
When you are at school till 8pm this is an acceptable dinner
Best birthday second Eagle's concert with my favorite people! While the concert was great...going after a long week of conference on a school night was not favorable. I was VERY tired by the time the concert was over and still had to go to work for a few final conferences the next day. It was worth it though :)
I may or may not have ordered a small pizza and eaten all by myself...I think the delivery guy was trying to make me feel better when you said "you guys enjoy" you can bet "we" enjoyed every bite of it :)
A long week of conferences was totally worth it when I got to spend my Friday with this cute little lady :)
Pumpkin patch and haunted corn maze with some of my favorite people. After watching Walking Dead the corn maze definitely got my heart pumping...zombies everywhere!!
This is usually the story on Sunday's when the Chiefs are playing...Gracie doesn't like when we yell and scream at the television!!
WOO HOO!! Another win under my belt in fantasy football...I may have been slightly obsessed this season ;)
For someone who rarely (if ever) gets sick this fall was rough on my immune system.
SO MANY LEAVES...I wouldn't usually mind, but my dog is petrified and refuses to go into the grass to do her business. Peeing on the sidewalk became a normal occurance ;)
So I decided against being a light-bulb and went with a minion instead...while Halloween is not my favorite holiday at school dressing up with the 2nd grade team made it a little more fun :)

October Outtakes:

We are really good at tailgating :)
Pitt State game at Arrowhead...I'm so excited Jess is becoming a fellow Gorilla in just a few weeks!!
What you don't know is this picture was the 5th or 6th attempt...if I could get him to cooperate and take normal photos the first time my life would be really boring ;)
My go-to photo buddy :)
These chairs were extremely difficult to had nothing to do with the hours of tailgating we did before...
Josh was VERY excited about the flip down seat in the cab :)

The many faces of my Finners :)
Aunt Heather you are so silly...
She is one crazy lady!!
You couldn't find a cuter Chief's fan if you tried ;)
Last Halloween before Fin was even born I bought this cute little shirt for her...I'm so glad it ended up fitting. After she was born weighing 9lbs I wasn't so sure she would make it!
My work BFF Kim...I'm not sure what I would do without her!!


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