Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twelve In Twelve 2014: January

No...fortunately I haven't fallen off the treadmill (yet) but I thought this picture said it all...I know that no one really cares about my workout or how many miles I ran each week...but documenting it for some reason has kept me motivated to keep going. Along with posting about my races each month I will also be posting my weekly runs and mileage. This is more for me than you...so I guess you will just have to be understanding of my needs ;) The weather has really been kind of crummy this month and I have had to run on the treadmill more than I have wanted to...knowing I will be taking a picture of my mileage and posting it for everyone to see has kept me going when I wanted to sit on the couch and eat bon bons instead. (Are these even a real thing? Why is it that when your being lazy you are supposed to eat bon bons? I think I kind of want to try one)

Alright...recovering from my squirrel moment...below you will find my weekly runs. I started on the first so it wasn't truly a full week and on my last week I stopped on the 31st so my final week wasn't really a full week either...but it will have to do. I am mostly interested in logging how many miles I run each month and then a total for the year, so it works for me.
Week 1 was a short one....on top of starting mid-week and having too much fun on NYE there was no way I was going to get my lazy bum up for a run on the 1st...this meant only 3 workouts for this week.
Week 2 really picked up mileage wise...unfortunately I was only able to get outside once. However, since it is January...I won't complain ;)
This was a great week...I got outside 3 times!! At this moment I look out the window and see 6 inches of snow...I'm guessing I won't be getting out this much in February :(
Race week!!
On top of shortening my week by 2 days, I also joined a gym (gasp!!) and started incorporating cross-training and weight training. (I figured if I wanted to complete this goal and avoid an injury I should probably do it the right way....even if after an hour of spin I was pretty sure I had broken my butt)
I am really pleased with January's mileage total...I'm right on target for my 1,000 mile goal this year!!
No matter how prepared or excited I am for a particular race it never fails that the night before I am a complete wreck!! I get really, really nervous for some reason. I'm not a particularly competitive person in most areas of my life...but for whatever reason I get over the top competitive (with myself mostly) when I am running  a race. I always want a PR and I always want to do my very best.
This race was especially stressful the night before because I woke up Saturday morning really, really congested. I have already had my fair share of colds this year so I knew what I was in for!
When I went to bed (drugged up on Tylenol) Saturday night I crossed my fingers and toes hoping to wake up Sunday morning (race day) feeling better. Well...no such luck...I woke up Sunday feeling even worse. I popped some sinus medication and told myself to suck it up. I couldn't even begin to think about skipping the race. I did NOT want to miss the first race of my resolution!!!
January's race was The Groundhog Run. This race is held underground in "caves" aka an underground parking lot so luckily the weather wasn't  something we had to worry about (which was a big reason I picked this race for my January run) unfortunately though, the weather was GORGEOUS and I would have given anything to run outdoors! Can't have it all I suppose ;)
Nothing too exciting to report about the race...It was probably one of my worst 10ks to date...on top of feeling terrible...it was stuffy and warm in the cave parking garage. It felt like I was running with a 25lb weight on my chest through the entire thing. I have never been so happy to see the finish line!! Once I crossed the finish line I turned in my timing chip, grabbed my finishers medal, and AJ and we hit the road....we had more important things to do than stand around...like eating :)
 Post-run brunch may or may not be the reason I love races ;)

I only took 1 photo at the race...I am going to blame it on being sick AND the fact that I feel VERY awkward posing for photos by myself. Notice the "what do I do with my hands" awkwardness above ;)
Speaking of awkward...for your viewing pleasure here is the photo they snapped of me crossing the finish line...I always manage to look so...ummm....pretty normal pained when I am running. I think that I was so intent on crossing that finish line and getting the heck out of there I forgot to smile!!
Alright...that's all for January! Now it's time to gear up for the The Sweetheart Run on February 16th.