Friday, May 9, 2014

Twelve in Twelve 2014: April

I didn't record any of my workouts this month...I logged them in RunKeeper and that is it. If you want to follow me on there so I can prove to you that I am actually running without posting pictures you can find me here. From this point forward my lazy self will just be posting my monthly miles and total for the year. I know you are sad...Sorry, no more treadmill or watch photos for you ;)

April total miles: 81 miles 
Yearly total: 325.50 miles 

In April I ran 2 races...I already sort of posted about Rock the Parkway here and clearly that didn't go well. I don't have much more to say about that race...but here are a few photos.
Despite my disappointment and dramatics about this really was fun. It was a beautiful day, well organized and honestly I think if I had been smarter about the water stops in the beginning I am sure this would have been one of my favorite races. I may just have to do it again next year to redeem myself...and the race :)
Tom and Kyle shared my sentiments on the hot, humid, windy race! We were all definitely glad it was over! 
Having people at the race to cheer you on (and hold your things while you run) is the best :) 
I'm a pretty lucky girl...I have the most supportive boyfriend....he comes to all of my races without me having to ask. He gets up really early, drives me to the race, holds my things, and stands around for almost 2 hours waiting for the 30 seconds where he can cheer me on as I cross the finish line...all without one word of complaint. He must really love me...or maybe he just really likes post-race breakfast ;)

My 2nd race in April was the Garmin half. To say I was dreading this race, is a huge understatement...I had huge pre-race anxiety. I did NOT want to run. I would have happily skipped out...but when I commit to something I do it...whether I want to or not!

Going into this race I told myself that I wasn't going to worry about time...I was just going to have fun. I didn't really let myself relax up until about mile 8, I kept waiting to hit that wall, like I did at RTP. However, it just didn't happen. I felt so great at the end of the race...I actually ran my fastest splits the last 3 miles, probably because I was so conservative the first half of the race. Not worrying about time and just having fun was a great strategy...not only did I have a blast...but I beat my previous time by 6 minutes! 

Along with my feelings about the race being completely was the weather. Around mile 9 it started to rain (which I didn't hate because it kept me cool) Then around mile 10...torrential downpour. I was soaked in minutes. It made for an interesting final 3 miles...especially the finish line where they had painted a yellow brick road (Oz Marathon) let me just tell you...that stuff was a little bit slippery! Despite my history with falling, I managed to stay on my feet to cross the finish line!! I felt a wave of emotions as I crossed the finish line...but mostly I was just relieved. 

Unfortunately, since it was raining I couldn't take any post race photos...but luckily, I was able to get some proofs from the website. After seeing these photos...I am beginning to wonder if I always look this cool while running :)
This was about mile 7 or 8...right before the rain.
I look very serious here...but I think it is important that you know that this was mile 10 or 11 and it was POURING down rain and I could hardly see. 

As I crossed the finish line I was so excited that I didn't realize until I stopped that it was hailing on me!! After grabbing my finishers medal I immediately headed for the food tent for shelter (and maybe some post race snacks) to wait.

After RTP, I wasn't sure if long distance races were my thing...I questioned whether I would ever sign up for one again after finishing this series. I was so wrong! This race was definitely what I needed to remind myself that I loved running...I was definitely on a runner's high, and I think I might have even agreed to run a marathon later this year...damn you Brian ;)

Next up (tomorrow actually) is my 3rd and final half marathon of the Heartland 39.3 series, Running with the Cows!


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