Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday's Things

Ya...I wanted a cute, clever, catchy title for today's post, but Thursday isn't a great word to pair with anything. My first thought was "Thirsty Thursday" but then that made me want a margarita, which in turn reminded me that I wasn't drinking during training, which then made me feel sad. 

 I decided to get really crazy and  go with "Thursday's Things" because it leaves my options wide open....I can talk about whatever I want...and since "things" is very non-specific...I can jump around and talk about any "thing" and every "thing" that suits me on this fine day. Bear with me...this could be painful ;) 

Thing #1

Yesterday I had a total "blog geek" moment...Two of my VERY favorite bloggers commented @ me on Instagram. I wanted to squeal and jump up and down (okay, okay...maybe I did) Now, I absolutely realize that this makes me seem like a total dork...but seriously Monica from Run Eat Repeat mentioned me in a comment and Janae from The Hungry Runner Girl mentioned me in a comment AND liked one of my photos. I can die happy now :)

Thing #2
This summer has me feeling like Pedro from Napoleon head is so freaking hot...all I want to do is shave my head. Don't worry...I didn't have a B. Spears moment...I decided against the shaved head and just cut 10'' off my hair instead!! Now, if you know me at know this is a HUGE deal. I love my hair long...but right now, it's just not practical. For the last few weeks I have been thinking about how much easier it would be to wash and dry my hair after a run/workout and how nice it would be to not have a sweaty, messy, knotty ponytail stick to my neck during my runs. Yesterday morning while on my run, my ponytail somehow flipped around and stuck to my was DIS-GUS-TING! That was the last straw.

Thing # 3

Yesterday was a good mail day...and a good day to set myself up for another good mail day...I really need to go back to work and stop shopping online! ;)

A few days ago I ordered a tank top from Run Eat Repeat (told you I loved her)

I find it only necessary to have as many things say marathon on them as I possibly can. I's basically on my mind all the should also be on my body.

I also received (in record time I might add) my RunningLuv. This was recommended to me by a someone on Instagram. She must have known what a "Sweaty Betty" I can be :) I also ordered a Handana a few days before, which in essence serves the same purpose, but neither were very expensive, so I figured I could try them both out and then decide which works better...because I am sure I will need more (in ALL the colors!)

Thing #4

Solo "date nights" are my thing. Don't get me wrong I love AJ and I love spending time with him...but I also like spending time with my other favorite person....ME! Last night while AJ was at the Sporting KC game,  I decided to treat myself to a romantic night in :)

I ordered Chinese food and even drank a Pepsi. I never drink soda...but I am always thinking about how much I want soda ;) Knowing that today was a rest day and I wouldn't be running early the next day I decided "What the heck...Why not?"

Also...what good would solo date night be without old episodes of 7th Heaven? This was hands down my favorite show when I was in middle school and high school. Finding ALL of the seasons on Hulu was like winning the lottery!! I have now started from Season 1 and I will be re-watching all of them...binge style :)

Thing #5

What the heck is up with this weather? Last week was absolutely gorgeous and running was a this? 90 degrees plus? The other day when I got in my car the temperature said 114 degrees....I'm sorry what?? Good news...once I got going it dropped to a measly 101. I don't know about you...but high temperatures and humidity do nothing for my running motivation or pace. I've been running early in the morning before the sun comes up, but it still isn't the most pleasant...hence the shaving my head idea! I just want to know who thought it was a good idea to run a fall marathon? Yea...fall weather is great...but what I didn't think about is the summer training.

That's all the "things" I have for you today! Stay tuned for next Thursday...I just my make this a weekly occurrence- Lucky you ;) 

What "things" are on your mind today?

What's the weather like where you are?

Do you like solo date nights?


  1. Hey! I think the weather has been completely INSANE.. the humidity is making it UNBEARABLE to run in. If I can't get my butt out before 6a.. I don't want to run outside. So sad. I know. But good for you and pushing through. I have a theory... They weather is going to be so favorable for your fall marathon... you will be able to run longer without feeling... too heated? Because you pushed it through the HADES that was our summer?
    I'm in Orange County NY.. so I think our weather has been very similar. How did you like the rains last week?

    ALSO: I love that you were streaming shows you love from MS/HS.. I do that TOO!

    Handana is SUCH a good idea!
    I wear bandanas to keep my hair out of my face... (from a haircut that is just... becoming a PAIN IN THE ASS)
    And I got my kid into wearing them too... I think we got a Mama/Son Running Bandana look.. People will know who we be.. hehehe.

  2. Today I am thinking, "carbs carbs carbs" for my long run tomorrow. It's only 10 miles but who doesn't want to eat carbs when they can?

    The weather in Utah is pretty similar to Kansas right now (although it is VERY dry here, Kansas is probably more humid).

    Solo date nights are the best! But now that we have a baby I enjoy date nights with my husband a little bit more :)

  3. Oh PS those are two of my favorite running bloggers as well! I would have a freak out moment too.