Thursday, July 3, 2014

Twelve in Twelve 2014: June I am at the half-way point of 2014. I for sure thought by now I would be burnt out and ready for a break...however, it is quite the opposite! The last 6 months have really re-awakened my love for running and have pushed me to do things that I never thought I would do.

So far I have:

1) Run 7 races in 6 months 
2) Run 3 half-marathons 
3) placed in the top 3 in a 5k
4) Set and broken many PRs
5) Run over 500 miles (halfway to my goal of 1,000)
6) Run my furthest distances EVER (14-15 miles)

and best of all...I have had a blast while doing it! Don't get me wrong...there have been days that I have wanted to skip my scheduled runs and lay on the couch and binge watch Netflix, but I haven't let myself. After a run I never wish that I had skipped it...I always feel great. So....instead of needing a break or feeling like quitting I can't wait to do push myself even further. 

June's race had been one that I had been looking forward to for quite some time. My cousin Sheila (who is also doing Twelve in Twelve) came to Kansas for a visit and it just so happened that there was a 5k and kids fun run the weekend she was here. We didn't hesitate to sign up!

I haven't run very many 5k's in my day, and honestly it's because they aren't my favorite. People always think that 5k's are easy...but actually they are quite the opposite. When you are only running 3.1 miles you are running much faster and pushing yourself that much harder. I honestly think the 5k distance is one of the most difficult (at least for me)

I went into this 5k with very little expectations. I had been mostly working on endurance and upping my distance and I had been neglecting my speed work, so I didn't expect much. However, when we lined up waiting for the race to start, my competitive side kicked in (you're surprised aren't you?) and I decided I was going to beat my previous 5k time (23:13)

Luckily, I had run this course before, last year when I ran the Do the Double, and I was familiar with it. It had one minor hill and was mostly flat, which I don't hate :)

As I reached the finish line I saw the clock and that is when I blacked out, ran as fast as my little legs would carry me and crossed that finish line at 22:48! I was ecstatic! Not only did I beat my previous time, but it wasn't nearly as painful as my last 5k.

As if getting a PR wasn't exciting enough, I ended up placing  2nd in my age group! I have NEVER placed in the top 3 EVER! Needless to say, this was a pretty great race for me :) 

On top of doing so well in the race, I loved having these two ladies there with me! We all wore our matching shirts that we bought in the kids department at Target...I mean, what good is it being a little person if you don't take advantage of the cute shirts (that are much cheaper I might add)

 Post race is never a good time for me...I sweat profusely, and always manage to look as if I have just gotten out of the shower. I need Sheila's secret for looking so great!

 This little miss is definitely a future runner in the making.

She even got a medal:) Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!?

I placed 2nd place in my age group, 11th among all women, and 30th overall.

While I have earned several finisher's medals as a runner, I have never earned a medal for placing in my age group. This is hands down my most favorite medal :)

Next race is Rock the Crossroads 5k that I will be running with my mom! I am not planning on placing or setting a PR, but I think I get my competitive edge from my we will see :)


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