Monday, August 4, 2014

Marathon Monday 8/4

Hello there!! Welcome to a VERY late and very tired edition of  "Marathon Monday"
You should probably get used to my sporadic posting or lack of posting altogether because back to school madness is about to begin. I officially start back on Friday for in-service...but I was in all day today (10 hours) for interviews and getting some last minute things done in my room. Needless to say...I am please forgive me if this is a less than stellar post.

Weekend Recap

Friday life was changed. I have always enjoyed One Republic's music (the stuff they play on the radio) but thanks to my friend Kala I have a whole new appreciate for that band. WOW...I have to say I don't think I have ever enjoyed a band live as much as I did One Republic. They were incredible. After the concert I promptly came home and downloaded their most recent album (Native) and added it to my running playlist. If you haven't done this will be the best thing you have ever done...promise :)

Saturday I ran my August race, the Royals Charities 5k. This race was really cool because we got to run on the outfield of the Royal's baseball stadium. Too bad this part was towards the end of the race and I was in too much pain to pay attention :)

Saturday's race was definitely a good one...I finished with a PR (by over a minute) and a 4th place finish in my age group. I have to say I was a little disappointed that I didn't place in the top 3 for my age group....that is until I saw that I placed in the top 10 amongst all of the women. I was the 9th woman across the finish line...WHAT?!? I will take that over placing in my age group any day!! However, that doesn't mean I am not counting down the days until I turn 30 and get out of this freakishly fast group of women ;)

I'm thinking I should have stayed in the original age group they put me in...I would have definitely placed :)

Training (12 weeks out!!)
This week was officially week 7 of marathon training and I am feeling good. I am getting in lots of cross-training and stretching and taking full advantage of my rest days!

Monday- I went for a group run (and ended up being one of two people that actually showed up) It was nice having someone to run with because he definitely pushed me to keep going. The hills were killer and my legs were definitely sore afterwards! 

 Tuesday- After a tough run on Monday I treated my legs to some Piyo lower body. I am definitely LOVING my Piyo videos. Hands-down one of the best at home workouts I have ever done.

Wednesday- I ran 3 x 1.5 intervals. I started with a slow mile to warm up and then ran about an 8 min mile pace for 1.5 miles then recovered with 2 minutes of a slow jog (10ish mile pace) and then repeated 2 more times. I am not sure whose idea it was to run 1.5 miles repeats...but they must love to torture people!! It was definitely a hard run.

After my run I made sure to recover in the most stylish way possible ;)

Thursday- REST DAY!!! Hallelujah!

Friday- I planned on running a few easy miles on the treadmill while enjoying an episode of "Girls" on my iPad at the gym...but the wifi was not cooperating so I couldn't watch TV. I decided I was just going to try and run without it and I just couldn't bear it...that's when I decided to switch things up and run sideways and backwards on the treadmill. I posted a video on Instagram if you want to check it out! It ended up being a great workout and probably something I will try to incorporate into my cross-training days from here on out. 

Saturday-Royals Charities 5k

Sunday- Since I had my 5k this weekend I treated this week sort of like a "cut-back" week and decided to do 10 miles instead of the planned 14. I ran with our local "Sunday Runday" group in the pouring rain. Usually I love a rainy day run...but I had taken my phone with me instead of my iPod so I could listen to my new One Republic album...guess I should have checked the forecast :)

Alright...I was going to share more exciting blips from my week...but I just can't...I'm tired and my bed is calling my name :)

Do you listen to One Republic? Are you downloading their album right this second? :)

Do you like to run in the rain?


  1. Heather, congratulations on your amazing PR this weekend - woo hoo! Speedy Gonzales, especially for a 99-year-old. :) I started doing some PiYo, as well, and I need to continue with it; I often find it hard to make time for other activities, but I know it will help me in the future - I start "official" marathon training soon, so it's been great to follow your journey. Way to go!

  2. Great job on your 5k!!! I keep seeing all these PiYo pics on IG...may have to try it out. Congrats again speedy girl!!