Friday, August 1, 2014

Twelve in Twelve 2014: July

I've already posted about my July race(s) so this is really just a formality. I've told you before, when I make a New Year's Resolution...I stick to it! This year I not only promised to run 12 races in 12 months, but I said I would blog about it each month as please forgive me if this is boring, but I am just not feeling it today.

I ran 2 races in July

1) Rock the Crossroads 5k with my mom :)

2) Hit and Run 5k with AJ, my mom, and her friend Janie

Both of these races were fun and stress free...which I liked. It was nice not worrying about my pace, getting a PR or trying to place in my know all those fun things an uber-competitive person stresses about before races :)

July's miles were the most I have ever run in a month (thanks to marathon training) and I am thinking August and September may be even higher (eek!)

July- 115 miles
YTD- 649 miles

I'm wasting no time at all getting my August race in...I will be running the Royals Charities 5k tomorrow...and in true Heather fashion...I am putting the pressure on. I am thinking about a shiny new PR and placing in the top 3 in my age group.

The good news is they think I am 99 years winning my age group should be a piece of cake ;)

How many miles did you run in July?

Do 5ks stress you out like they do me?

Anybody have any races planned for August?


  1. I did *sigh* only about 25 miles for July. A friend and I are having a little competition to see who can run the most in August (and we're both aiming for 75+). I did two races yesterday, and have 3 more planned for August!

  2. I ran 64.78 miles this month, and I'm hoping to be closer to 80miles by the end of August.... No races in July, but my son and I are running a 4 mile race on the 16th.

    My goal is to push my speed... I've got a lot more training to do before I place in my AG, but, it's a goal...
    However, my son (for his first 5k in June) placed 2nd in his AG, and I was so happy for him. I've got a runner on my hands!!!

    OH, and 99 years old.. DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD! ;)

  3. I don't know if my comment went through or not... my computer has been weird lately. Anyway, congrats with your July miles! I'm doing a 100 Summer Miles link up on Thursdays... You should link up since you're logging so many miles already. Here's the link if you're interested...