Monday, September 15, 2014

Marathon Monday 9/15

This week was MUUUUUCH better than last week! I think it was might be because it was my cut-back/pre-race taper week...but regardless of the reason, I don't hate running anymore...which is always a plus :) 

Another good thing about this week is I think I can confidently say I am injury free. After 6 weeks of treatments and running with some sort of pain...I am now running completely pain free and feeling great! My goal when we started treatment was to run my half-marathon pain free...and guess what!?!? I did :)

Dr. S said that for the next several weeks (I think he said something like 16 weeks) I am more susceptible to re-injury so I have to continue with my exercises and stretches...which doesn't bother me one bit. I will do anything to keep that pain my in behind from coming back :) I have my final "re-evaluation" appointment with him on Thursday, and I think at that point I will discuss with him a plan where I continue to see him (less frequently) up until my marathon. I don't want to tempt anything and I have had great results with his plan and I would like to keep it that way :)

Monday- Rest day since I did my long run on Sunday

Tuesday- 4.5 miles

This was a GREAT run! I had a great appointment with Dr. S right after work and then came home to run some of my fastest splits since I hurt myself. I was definitely feeling good after this run! I have taken quite a bit of time away from speed work, so I am not sure how realistic my goal of a sub 4 hour marathon is anymore...but these splits have me somewhat hopeful :)

Wednesday- Another rest day...because I can...and because I was cutting back my mileage this week in preparation for my half on Saturday.

Thursday- 5 early morning miles

I honestly don't even remember this was early in the morning and I was probably half asleep :)

Friday- Rest day and Carb loading :)

Saturday- Scout Strong half marathon

Friday all day I was feeling kind of yucky...I could tell that either my allergies were bothering me or I was getting a cold. By the time Friday night came around I was full on miserable and I knew it was more than just allergies. I took some cold meds, prayed to the running gods, and went to sleep around 8:30. I woke up Saturday morning not feeling much better...popped some meds and off we went. I wasn't sure how I would do in the race since I wasn't feeling the greatest...but somehow, thanks to the cold-meds and the excitement of the race atmosphere I was able to almost run a PR and place 3rd in my age group! I was SHOCKED...I had no idea I had it in me! 

I was ecstatic with my time...I was hoping for a PR, but honestly the fact that I felt so great running this race (all while having a head cold) it didn't bother me that I missed it by less than a minute (yup...I missed my PR by LESS THAN A MINUTE!!) I have to admit that last April when I ran my fastest half yet (1:48:26) I thought it was a fluke and I honestly thought I would never get close to that again. So getting as close as I did, while feeling under the weather was an awesome feeling! Now I know for sure I can beat my PR someday!

The weather was absolutely perfect for the race. I know not everyone agrees, but I think running is so much more enjoyable when it is a little chilly. I wore a long sleeve shirt planning on taking it off a few miles in...and I didn't end up having to take it off until about mile 9, and even then I could have kept it on and not had an issue...but again, like I said I enjoy being a little bit cold while I am running. 

This is probably one of my better race photos...I was about to cross the finish line (ON...yes ON Kansas Speedway) and I saw the photographer. You better believe I made sure to smile my cheesiest of smiles :)

I was so excited to place 3rd in my age-group, but a little disappointed that they were only giving out awards to the top 2...especially since I was only 9 seconds behind the girl who got 2nd. I always seem to be one place away from receiving an award. I place 4th A LOT in races...and while I don't need an award or anything would still be kind of fun :)

Even though I was/am disappointed that I missed out on getting an award by one place...yet again, I am still incredibly proud of myself and how I did on Saturday. I had awesome splits and ran some of my fastest miles towards the end. I am hoping all of this is a good sign for my upcoming marathon. 

After my race this handsome guy and I rushed home, cleaned up and drove 4 hours to Hays, Kansas for a wedding. We, as usual, had a blast, but I have to say I was definitely worn out by the time the whole weekend was over...I am more than ready for marathon training to be over (or at least begin tapering) and for life to slow down a little bit :)


  1. Not hating running anymore is always a plus, but it sounds like things are clicking just at the right time. If you need any more preventative exercises, let me know, I would be happy to help :)

  2. :) What an amazing time on the half! You truly do inspire me.

    And I love how you got all cleaned up and then went to a wedding. Just a normal morning, ran a half marathon - nothing to see here. Hahaha!

  3. Way to go on your half-marathon success, Heather, and I'm SOOOO glad to hear that you are feeling better! YAY!

  4. Congrats on your time! And omg I can't believe you sat in a car for four hours and went to a wedding after! I only have one half under my belt, but I was worthless for like 3 days!