Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marathon Monday errrr Thursday?

Don't worry...I didn't forget about this week-or climb into bed for 5 days to sleep off the disappointment from my 20 miler, that wasn't :) I am actually feeling one million times better about that run. On Sunday I was reading through my blogroll on Bloglovin and another blogger (who I adore) posted about bad runs during marathon training and she actually looks at them as good luck...she believes that it is better to have your bad run during training and not during the actual race....which made so much sense to me and definitely lifted my spirits! 

I also came across this article "Rebounding from a Rough Marathon Workout" and it was like it was written specifically for me. I analyzed my run (so as not to make the same mistakes again) and I realized that the week leading up to my 20 miler was one of my busiest weeks yet...I have a lot on my plate right now and I needed the reminder that I can't do it all...and I definitely can't do it all perfectly (like the perfectionist that I am really WANTS to do)

So all in all...those two things couldn't have come at a better time. I have pushed that run out of my mind and can't wait to crush those 20 miles this weekend :)

Despite Saturday's rough run, the rest of my runs last week were actually pretty great. I am 99% pain free in my hip/glute which made my runs more enjoyable and allowed me to incorporate a little more speed work (which I love to hate)

Monday (6 miles)

I was still pretty sore Monday morning, but decided to run my planned 6 miles anyway. I was VERY nervous that it was going to be another tough run, but it ended up being a very easy 6 miles. My muscles loosened up early on and I was able to keep up a good pace.

Wednesday- 6 treadmill miles (intervals)

There is absolutely nothing worse that having your alarm go off at 4:45 AM and hearing thunder and seeing lightening through the bedroom windows. I reluctantly (after Googling running in a thunderstorm-YIKES) headed to the treadmill. I had unfortunately left my iPad at school so I couldn't watch a I ended up listening to my audio book (Outlanders) instead. This run went better than I expected. I think messing with incline and speed throughout the workout helped :)  

Thursday- 6 too fast miles

This is the workout that I think partly sabotaged my Saturday run. I ran much faster than my training plan called for. This was supposed to be an "easy" run, but I felt so good (and had a LOOOONG day at work, that only a good run could fix) and I ended up running about a minute faster per mile than I should have....Oops! Apparently training plans know what they are talking about ;)

Saturday- 15 miles 

I won't go into too much detail about this run...I already whined like a little baby here and if you want to torture yourself with my ridiculous complaining about ONLY being able to run 15 miles instead of 20 go for it ;) After posting that I realized how ridiculous it was to say that I could ONLY get through 15 miles....Last year at this time 15 miles seemed was impossible. 15 miles is is still an accomplishment. I can't get all whiny every time a run doesn't go my way. 
*Just because I know this...doesn't mean I won't ever do it again ;)

Well the current week is almost over...I only have 2 training runs left before my ever anticipated taper begins! Marathon Monday for next week may will likely be late again...we are moving this weekend and won't have internet access for a few days. I will try and get something posted and update you on the 20 miler that was...Power of positive thinking right there ;)

Tips for Tapering? Anything I NEED to know before going into this. 


  1. I'm glad you were able to get your head together - isn't it wonderful when a blog or an article SPEAKS to you? I mean - I feel so - NOT ALONE, when that happens.


    Happy Thursday Lady!