Monday, October 6, 2014

Marathon Monday: Getting Close!

The Marathon Monday on a Monday? I would feel really proud of myself, but.....

I am less than 2 weeks out from my very first marathon and I couldn't be more excited!! Did that sound genuine? I hope so...because I am trying to turn all of these feelings of fear and doubt into excitement...I'm not sure it's working...but fake it till you make it, right?

I am seriously so nervous and I am starting to doubt all of my training. I keep telling myself I should have done more of this or more of that...and in all reality I have done everything I can. I given my all to this marathon training. Could I have done more? Yes....but the truth is, it's too late. I have done what I can and it's time to taper and "trust the training"

I follow several blogs, instagram accounts, twitter name it I stalk follow it...and even runners who have run several marathons admit to having these feelings. So...I'm totally normal...right? ;)

Luckily, this week of training has been great...and very reassuring. My runs have felt easy and effortless and I keep telling myself that it's because my body is more than ready to rock 26.2 miles :)

Tuesday- 4 miles

I have to say the one thing I am most looking forward to with the end of marathon training is not having to run at 4:30 AM anymore. It is brutal...and with it getting colder I can't imagine how I would even begin to drag myself out of bed to run.

Thursday- 8 tempo miles 

I'm sure I am alone when I say this...but I sure love a good tempo run. This one was especially nice :)

Saturday- 6 miles

I did not...I repeat....did not want to run on Saturday morning. My first mistake was saying "I will just run when I wake up" and not setting an alarm. I struggle with motivation if I don't get up and go right away. I let the puppy get out of her kennel and crawl into bed...and seriously, nothing beats puppy snuggles...I finally drug myself out of bed around 8 and eventually made it out the door by 8:45 :) As usual when I finished my run, I was glad I had done it. 

It was also on this run that I realized that I needed (I use this term loosely) some new cold weather gear. Last winter I got by with a few pairs of running tights and warmer tops and I did not want to do laundry as much this winter so I headed to Dick's and proceeded to buy the whole store. 

Pants (Under Armour) and top (Under Armour-kids section)

Seriously though...I made an epic discovery while there...I can wear kids running tights. I wear a small Nike adult tights and a large in the they fit length wise for my abnormally short legs. If you haven't checked out the kids section...I suggest doing it...right now!

Sunday- "Only" 10 miles

After months of "long" runs...this weekend's 10 miler felt like a break. Seriously...last year at this time the longest I had ever run was 7.5 miles...and now I say things like "I only have to run 10 today" who am I?

I forgot my watch (who does that?) and we all know that if you don't record your run on your Garmin it doesn't count, right? Lucky for me I had my phone and I was able to use RunKeeper. It was actually nice not having my watch and obsessively looking at it every 5 seconds checking my pace.

I also ran with a new running group put on by KC Running Company, and I loved it! There were a ton of people there, the course was well marked, and the store has adorable "Kansas City" running gear and you get a discount when you participate in their group runs. I may or may not have bought an adorable "Run KC" shirt....this could be dangerous :)

Yep...this is real life. I probably shouldn't have looked at this....Scary!


  1. The KC Running Groupies always look like fun runs!! Now that I'm done with sand volleyball on Thursdays, I am thinking about popping over for the Thursday night run.