Monday, February 16, 2015

Long weekends are the best weekends...

Hello!! Happy President's Day!! I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful day off work and staying out of the snow and keeping warm by snuggling up on the couch. 

If you're not I am going to guess that 1) You had to work or 2) You live somewhere warm where it doesn't snow. If you're working...I'm sorry, that isn't fair! If it's #2...we are no longer on speaking terms, unless it's to discuss my relocation to where you live ;)

Okay, enough complaining about the snow and the cold. Despite the weather being less than ideal and battling a relentless cold/sinus infection I had the BEST long weekend! 

We had conferences last week which meant Thursday was a no kiddo/work day which allowed me to get a ton of stuff stuff...and if I am being honest wedding stuff too :) 

Friday was a glorious (and well deserved, if I do say so myself) day off! AJ also took the day off so we could register and pick out the tuxes. We both went into this completely blind...we thought registering would take a few hours tops...ummm....wrong! After 4 hours in Bed Bath and Beyond, we found ourselves making an appointment for the next day so we could finish up!! We had planned on registering at BB&B and Crate and Barrel all in one day...amateur move!

Even though registering took forever...we were still able to get quite a few things done and checked off our to do list. We picked out tuxes and...then the best part....we booked our honeymoon!!!

We decided that since we were so productive on Friday (and because we wanted to avoid the Valentine's rush) that we would go out for Valentine's dinner Friday night. We went to a Japanese steak house and had sushi. It was seriously so delicious...and fun of course! 

Saturday morning/afternoon was spent finishing up our registry at Bed Bath and Beyond and registering at Crate and Barrel.

Are giant flasks on a wedding registry frowned upon? Asking for a friend of course ;)

Saturday night we stayed in...

ate a million chocolates...

drank wine and put together a puzzle...

after a few hours, a bottle of wine, we were done....well...almost. We couldn't find these final two pieces. After cursing Hobby Lobby and the puzzle company we decided to let it go and head to bed. Well, the next morning we were able to find the 2 missing the box. Needless to say, we owe Hobby Lobby and the puzzle company an apology for our hateful words :)

Today I have been pretty productive...

I made myself breakfast in bed.....

decided on my outfit for my bachelorette party....

filed my taxes with the help of this cutie...

successfully scraped all the snow off my car (and into my rain boots)

so I could tackle a 6 mile treadmill run....yuck! It's been a long time since I have run that far on the treadmill...thanks a lot Mother Nature.

Now I am headed over to to restock on Cocogo! 20% off plus an additional 10% off with coupon code: HEATHER and bundle discounts still apply! Now is definitely the time to order!

Alright, now I am off to finish up another episode of Grey's, get dinner started and prepare for "the most dramatic" season of the Bachelor :)

 Do you watch the Bachelor? 

Who do you think he is going to pick?!?


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