Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Half-Marathon Training Has Me Like...

I cannot stop eating...when I am not eating I am thinking about the next time I will be eating. At breakfast I am planning my lunch and at lunch I am planning my dinner. I even go to bed at night and occasionally (and by occasionally, I mean always) dream about what I am will be having for breakfast. Running 35-40 miles per week has me eating like a teenage boy!

Running 6 days a week doesn't give my body much of a chance to rest. My legs, hips, knees, butt, etc are always tired and sore. Plus, I am trying to incorporate at least 2 days of strength training a my arms, shoulders, back...ouch! Add to that the planks I have added to the end of my run every other day...I can't breath...abs hurt so bad!

I'm so's a win for me if I can manage to stay awake much past 9pm...

...which leads to not having much of a social life. Sometimes I go to bed earlier on Saturday nights in preparation for Sunday's long run than I do doing the week. It's a good thing my friends and family are so supportive of my crazy training schedule...otherwise they would have ditched me a long time ago ;)

Speaking of missing my friends...I really miss booze. Generally, I don't drink much (or at all) during training..which after a long day at work is tough...It could all be in my head...but running is so much easier when I am sober ;)

The closer I get to race day...the more I start to think that I have made a huge mistake. 3 half marathons in 5 weeks? 2 of them back to back weekends...AND I want to PR by 2 minutes in ALL of them? Have I lost my mind? Don't answer that ;)

However, I have moments of insanity when I am so freaking excited!! I've never trained harder for a race or felt more ready!! Let's just hope that Rock the Parkway turns out better than it did last year :)

Here I am in peak week...39 miles on the schedule...The most I have ever run in a week and to tell you the truth minus the tiny annoyances mentioned above, I am feeling great! My body feels strong, nothing hurts (except sore muscles), and I still have my sanity...for now ;)

Let's hope that the taper for this race isn't nearly as emotional as it was for the KC Marathon...for my sake....and AJ's ;)

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  1. So funny! I ate like crazy when I was training as well! Good luck with the high mileage this week. It sounds like you have it!

  2. I love training for a race and wanting to eat all the things! When my coach has me in a heavy lifting cycle, all I want to do is eat...

  3. I laughed at this.... so hard... I remember what that felt like - I just came back from the foot injury, so doing any sort of "real" mileage is off the table for now - but, I can't wait to have the EATALLTHINGS hunger from running oober miles! You are doing so awesome, I can't wait to see how you do in this Half!

  4. Great job! I had a couple training weeks where I felt the same...except I was asleep at 830! Good luck with your goals! #wowlinkup

  5. What race are you training for? Do you do other workouts? #wowlinkup