Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday's Things: Your daily dose of randomness

Guess what I did yesterday?

Yep...I put my name in the lottery for the Chicago Marathon. I told myself (while training for the KC Marathon this last fall) that it would be my one and only. I was sure I was a one and done marathoner...especially after the heat of summer/early fall training and the lack of sleep that came with starting back to school and running so many miles. 

Buuuuuuut....after crossing that finish line in October I knew I wanted that feeling again...I knew that I wanted another chance to meet my goal of a sub 4 marathon. 

Then...we got engaged and started planning our wedding for the end of July. I knew then that training for a marathon during the chaos that the month of July is bound to bring would be silly so I decided that I would wait until spring or maybe the next fall....

Then the lottery opened for the Chicago marathon and I blacked out and signed up ;)

Just kidding...but what I did decide was that if I happen to get chosen in the lottery, then it would be a sign. A sign that I could balance the wedding, honeymoon, back to school crazies, and training for a marathon ;) I did it last year and I survived...and this time I would be going into it knowing what to expect. 

So now...we wait..

Is it April 28th yet?? 

The good news is training for Heartland 39.3 has picked up and I have my 35 mile weeks to distract me ;) 

And even though I only have one rest day a week from now until the taper...I don't mind because spring has sprung and I am wearing shorts and tank tops and running OUTSIDE!! It's so weird to think that just 2 weeks ago I had resigned myself to a lifetime on the treadmill because I was sure it was NEVER going to warm-up and melt outside! 

 ...and now this!!! I couldn't be happier :) 

Yesterday I ran 7 glorious miles (sorry for the poor picture was so sunny outside!! Thank you DST!)

and then hit the gym for some strength training and to attempt one of those super cool planking you can clearly see...I failed.

Since I am super awkward and can't figure out a way to wrap up this post I thought I would leave you with this...What better way to start your Thursday than a cute little picture of my 2 (going on 22 year old niece) I mean...if this doesn't make you smile, you should probably get back in bed and call it a day ;)

Have you ever run the Chicago marathon?

How does one take a successful planking picture? Send help! ;)


  1. I have 1 semi successful planking pic. I put my phone against the wall and used the timer. I'm loving the weather!! It is soooooo nice to be outside and to be able to run in the evening!