Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Two to go!

 This quote just about sums up the feelings I had as I crossed the finish line of the Garmin half-marathon last Saturday.

After 13.1 miles of pleading with my legs to just go a little bit faster, a little bit further, hold on just one.more.mile. and then crossing that finish line at 1:44:21, just 39 seconds under my goal of 1:45 I wanted to jump for joy! Jumping was not really an option for my legs at that it was more of a subdued celebration ;)


 After running Rock the Parkway just one week earlier, I knew that the Garmin half would be a unique challenge. I wouldn't be running on fresh legs this time around. 

However, after RTP I had minimal soreness and felt pretty good during my runs that week leading up to the race and on top of that, Garmin was one of my favorite races from last year (despite the torrential downpour and hail) so I was feeling pretty confident going into it. 

On Friday night, while I was digging through my drawer of running stuff looking for my iPod (I usually run with my phone, but with the threat of rain I decided against it) I found this...

This was a damn Christmas see...I keep nothing. I am the opposite of a pack-rat. I find very little sentimental value in things...but I am oh so glad this somehow avoided the trash. This is my results ticket from last year's Garmin fastest half, (up until RTP 2 weeks ago) the half that re-built my confidence after the RTP disaster of 2014... and the race that convinced me to run a full marathon.

I don't always lay out my "flat person" before a race...but since I did it before RTP and things went so well I decided I HAD to do it again. I mean if I do everything the same leading up to the race, I will end up with the same result in the race, right?

I was so excited when I saw the pace bands at packet pick-up again. I feel like it really kept me "running the mile I was in" during RTP so I of course had to have one for this race...

It's really too bad I ended up forgetting it...along with Brian's bib (which I had offered to pick up for him) Unfortunately, even with laying everything out I ended up having one heck of a morning. It was a hectic, chaotic mess...luckily they were able to get Brian another bib before the race started...but with all the chaos I barely made it to the start line on time. I slipped in with the 1:45 group right as the National Anthem was finishing up and had just enough time get my watch set and ready to go! Whew...

Luckily, once the race started I calmed down and forgot all about the chaos of the pre-race. I figured out pretty early on that this was not going to be an "easy" race and that I was going to have to fight for it. My legs were tired and I felt sluggish. I played head games with myself the whole time. There were hills I had no recollection of from the year before...and by the time I hit mile 9 my body was screaming at me to stop. 

I almost did...I wanted to. I thought, it won't hurt anything to stop and walk for a second...but then I saw a couple of my friends. They were standing and cheering at the PERFECT spot....exactly where I needed them for that last push and encouragement to make it to the finish line. 

About mile 12 I started to hear the 1:45 pacer's voice (he was LOUD and had a very distinct voice) and at that point I knew it was going to take all I had to stay ahead of him. I had come way too far to lose my sub 1:45 now!! I had to dig REALLY deep for a last surge of energy in that last mile, but.....

I did it! I completed part 2 of my goal. When I first set the goal of a 1:45 half, I thought, wouldn't it be cool if I could run a 1:45 for all 3 races? Well...I am 2/3 of the way there :)

While this race was a little bit slower than RTP, it almost meant more to me. I feel like it confirmed that my all my hard work and training worked. It proved to me that RTP wasn't just a fluke or the result of a "perfect day" and it proved to me that I have gotten faster and stronger. Overall, it just felt so damn good :)

This guy had yet another incredible race...he ended up placing 3rd in his age group! When I grow up I want to be just like him ;)

These ladies were my saving grace...If they hadn't been standing and cheering at that exact location I am not sure I would have made it under 1:45! There is seriously no better feeling than having the support of your family and friends at a race :)

After the race AJ and I headed to our favorite post-race spot (Perkins) and I refueled with a yummy breakfast. On our way out I spotted this tray of pies...if my legs were working properly I may or may not have grabbed the cart and ran ;)

This...a thousand times this :) Meb is seriously one of the most incredible human beings and such an inspiration. Watching him cross the finish line hand in hand with another runner on Monday gave me still does. He absolutely embodies everything it means to be a runner. #TeamMeb 

It's I must...and you should too ;)

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  1. Congratulations on your second sub 1:45! I hope you are able to hit your goal with the 3rd race as well! #wowlinkup

  2. Awesome job on your second sub 1:45!! You are amazing! Love the quote from Meb! I watched the marathon on Monday as well and thought he really is great, as he finished hand in hand with the other runner. #wowlinkup

  3. Wow! I love reading your blog - it gives me the perspective of what fast runners experience during a race, something I will NEVER know! ;) See - you were able to hear the Anthem - being at the front - as I, at the back, NEVER heard it! We're going to have to get our act together for the Running With the Cows (I assume you're going to be there? For the 39.3 Heartland Series?) and not forget half our stuff! :)

  4. I say grab the cart and go for it and run. You are killing those times - less than a 2 hour half marathon? You were moving. #wowlinkup