Friday, May 8, 2015

Think dry thoughts....

I may or may not say this every Friday, but....TGIF! What.A.Week!! 

I've never in my life seen a more accurate e-card. May is tough when you are a teacher! The students have checked out, (their teacher might be halfway checked out too) we are scrambling to finish up projects, field trips, etc. This week was especially tough on me since I was staying with some kiddos for the week...I am beat!! Being a mom to 3 kiddos is a lot of work! Kudos to all the moms out there!!

Luckily, my students and their parents spoil me rotten and surprised me first thing this morning with this fun (and incredibly generous) gift card bouquet for Teacher Appreciation week! I am so incredibly lucky to work at the school I do. The kiddos and the parents are definitely the best of the best :) 

This weekend is the last race of the Heartland 39.3 series and I have been obsessively checking the weather every day hour. It changes every time I look at day minute it looks like it might be okay...and then the next it looks like this...I think it's safe to say that there is a good chance we will be getting rained on.

I don't mind the rain and I have been trying not to let it get me down...but what I don't like are FB updates like this one. They might cancel the race? WHAT?!?! ~Insert panic attack~ How in the world will I complete the Heartland 39.3 challenge if they don't have the race? I have worked so hard up until this point and I would be absolutely devastated if they cancelled it :(

A few people were commenting on the status saying "can we still get the bling?" I know many people run races for "the bling" but why would you want it if you never ran the race? I won't even wear the shirt if I don't run/finish the. Honestly, I don't want the damn medal...I just want to run the race...and then you can go ahead and give me the medal ;) 

I can definitely tell I have been tapering this week...yesterday and today especially.

Last night I had this for 4th meal...Elbow pasta, broccoli, and parmesan cheese. I've never been pregnant...but I imagine pregnancy cravings and taper cravings are very similar. If I have my mind set on something...I HAVE to have it!

Then, last night I woke up around 3AM because of the storm and I was STARVING! Again, I couldn't think about anything else except a bowl of cereal...I needed it, so naturally I got up and had  pre-breakfast ;)

So basically, I need you to think dry thoughts and do your non-rain dance tonight for me...the last 5 weeks of racing/tapering can't be for nothing. I NEED to run that race tomorrow...If it's cancelled you may or may not want to avoid me for the rest of the weekend ;)

Have you ever had a race get cancelled because of weather? 

How will I go on with my life if it does get cancelled? ;)


  1. Sometimes a bowl of cereal is more satisfying than ice cream. I love the crunch and the cold milk. So I am so with you on pre-breakfast.