Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bachelorette Party

You know those moments in life when you realize that you are in fact the luckiest person alive? bachelorette party was one of those moments...

There were several times during that day/night that I looked around and just smiled...because I have some of the best people in my life.
I know everybody always says their friends are the greatest...but mine? They take the cake. Not only can I count on to always have my back...but I know anytime spent with them is bound to be tons of fun!

I have several different little groups of friends...and having everyone together in the same place for a night out was definitely a treat! And remember how I said all of my friends were the best...well, one such example is the fact that the whole group had a blast and partied like they all had known each other for years, when in fact some had just met for the first time that day!
My bridesmaids know me too well, because the day started with yoga on the lawn at Junque Drawer! I love, love, love yoga...but on the lawn in June...yea, it was kind of warm. Plus, the instructor was....strange. But on the bright side, some of her stranger poses inspired some pretty interesting dance moves later on in the night ;)
After yoga, we had an art class planned (check out all of Junque Drawers classes!) We had SO much fun!


While the class was outside, we were luckily in the shade and filled with mimosas!

Junque Drawer

Our picture blocks turned out SO cute!


After our class a few of us headed for lunch (and margs) at Mi Ranchito


We had some fun opening gifts

And then affter lunch we had a little half-time for everyone to go home nap (or watch HGTV...don't judge) and get cleaned up for the night's festivities.

Our evening started at Char Bar with some delicious food and Boulevard Ginger Radler (if you haven't had this are really missing out!)


The temperature inside of Char Bar was ridiculously hot...we asked the waiter if there was anything he could do and sadly he said no...and that all the fans were already on. Instead of being a normal person an accepting this answer...I decided to pout and say "But it's my bachelorette party...the least you could do is fan me and feed me grapes"

And guess what....


out he walked with a fan (menu) and a plate of grapes


After was eaten, drinks were drank, and shots were taken....


When we had sufficiently "pre-partied" enough we headed down the street to Off Key Karaoke...for the kind of fun that can't even be put into words. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...Enjoy :)

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Clearly there was no fun to be had here ;)

After karaoke we lost a few people...but the rest of us hadn't quite had enough...more shenanigans ensued in Westport, followed by pizza (not Joe's unfortunately) and then back to Lindsey's for the night (way past my bedtime of course!)


And then for the 2 seconds that I laid awake after my head hit the pillow all I could think was...I'm the luckiest girl ever...that and "tomorrow's really going to hurt" ;)


To wrap this up I need to give one final shout out to this best maid of Goose. She went above and beyond with all of my wedding events and truly made me feel like the luckiest gal alive. I can't even begin to put into words how much her friendship means to me and how glad I am that she allowed me to "goose" her so many years ago!


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