Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm filling a bit overstimulated...

I'm the kind of person that usually thrives under pressure. I work well with deadlines and lists of things to do. 

I love a to-do list just as much as any other type A out there...but for some reason for the last few weeks I feel as if I have been cracking under the pressure. As we get closer and closer to our wedding day I realize how many things I haven't done yet, how many decisions there still are to make, and how few days there are between now and then...

Instead of kicking my butt into gear and being productive I have done quite the opposite and unfortunately, this lazy attitude I have adopted hasn't just been with wedding stuff...

I haven't written in my daily journal (my New Year's Resolution) for several weeks...and if you know me...breaking my New Year's Resolution is a BIG deal...but I just can't seem to find the desire or the want to go back and try to fill in the days. 

I barely finished one book last month...and I didn't finish my second book until this morning...and while it's only 2 days late of my goal, I didn't get it done on time and that is so unlike me...

I planned on blogging yesterday...it was the perfect day...June 1st, (monthly goals) a Monday, (Weekend Recap) and a great day to use my favorite alliteration and talk about my upcoming marathon training (Marathon Monday)

But did I blog? Nope...I spent my day at a summer school training (which starts next Monday) and then spent my evening at the gym and having dinner and watching the Bachelorette with friends. 

So I guess you can say, I haven't been all that
"lazy" I am still getting my work responsibilities taken care of and I am running and hitting the gym regularly...but I haven't been the best at managing my time and getting to the things I don't really feel like doing ;)

I would love to use the excuse "I've been SO busy" to explain why I have dropped the ball on wedding planning, my resolutions, and blogging...but the reality is, that while I have been busy, I have had the time to get these things done...I just haven't been all that good at managing my time and making sure I have the time/energy to get the less desirable things done ;)

My plan/goal for the month is to make a to do list and get at least one thing accomplished per day. Anything from cleaning out my closet to posting to the blog or getting something ordered/decided for the wedding. 

I am going to start with baby-steps...I know that once I get the ball rolling and get into my summer groove things will be fine...but right now I can't tell you how appealing curling up on the couch and watching TV sounds ;)


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