Monday, June 29, 2015

Marathon Monday: 1 down...15 to go!

Week 1 of marathon training is officially in the books! I would like to say that things got off to a great start...but thanks to an incredible weekend of too much fun...I got off to a sluggish start!

Apparently as I get older 3 day hangovers are the's either my old age or the fact that I rarely drink anymore that makes life really tough after a night out ;) 

Usually, during a training cycle I don't drink at all...but with wedding fun (bachelorette party, showers, the wedding, honeymoon, etc) I am cutting myself some slack and letting myself enjoy these fun events while suffering the next day through these tough runs. It's bound to make me mentally stronger right?

Just a little sneak peak of my pre-marathon training prep ;) I promise to devote a whole post to my incredible bach party very soon!
 As promised I am going to document/log each of my training runs. I'm currently reading "Meb for Mortals" and he keeps a training if Meb is doing will I ;)

Monday- Rest Day!
When the plan tells you to rest ;) And since I had already broken my #RWRunStreak (by not running or moving on Sunday) I decided to enjoy another day of nothing!

Tuesday- 4 easy miles

There was absolutely nothing "easy"about this run...I spent the first 2 miles asking myself WHY I thought running a marathon this fall was a good idea. By mile 3 and 4 I had talked myself off the ledge...and then seeing that I managed negative splits immediately lifted my spirits :) 

Wednesday- Fitness Pilates
I joined a gym about a month ago and discovered that Pilates is a miracle cure for my glute pain. I have had ZERO pain in my hip/glute since incorporating Pilates into my weekly routine. I usually go once or twice a week. Little did I know, but Wednesday evenings class is not regular's Fitness Pilates...which may not seem like that big of a difference...but let me tell was brutal! I pretty much spent the whole hour with my arms/shoulders shaking and my abs on fire! While it wasn't the most enjoyable at the time, I did walk out of there feeling like I had gotten an incredible workout! 

Thursday- 5 miles
Today I was reminded of why I prefer fall/spring running. It was a hot and muggy one...even at 5AM! Summer has officially arrived :)

Friday- 4 miles + Pilates
Clearly I was still recovering from my weekend shenanigans because 4 miles on the treadmill was TOUGH! I definitely gave myself a pep talk or two to keep myself from quitting!

Saturday- 8 miles

I moved this week's long run to Saturday since we going to be out celebrating at our couple's shower on Saturday night. Based on how I felt last Sunday morning I didn't want to risk it! I think I was finally back at 100% by Saturday because the run felt pretty good! It helped that the weather was absolutely perfect!

Sunday- Rest Day!!
Luckily I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty human...which is a miracle because our couple's shower was a Mexican Fiesta and not only was there Tequila...but the cake had booze in it!

 Our shower was absolutely incredible! Marrying AJ definitely comes with the perks of gaining an awesome brother and sister-in-law :) They are expert party planners and I would have to say the pinata filled with tiny liquor bottles and scratcher tickets was "a hit" (please ignore my corny humor)

Looking forward to this week I will again be altering my training schedule and moving my long run around to accommodate the holiday weekend and allowing myself to indulge on yummy food and a few beers ;) 

Week 2

Monday- 5 miles + 20 second sprints and Pilates
Tuesday- Yasso 800s
Wednesday- 6 recovery miles + Body Pump
Thursday- rest
Friday- 4 miles + Pilates
Saturday- 10 miles
Sunday- Rest 


  1. What a great training week, Heather! Kudos to you for sticking to your plan through all of the pre-wedding shenanigans (read: craziness); I know it's tough. I was "attempting" to train for my first full marathon the spring we got married and ended up backing up to the half by the time the race came around; I definitely was not as organized as you have been with your schedule, etc. You are doing GREAT!