Monday, June 8, 2015

I had good intentions today...but I am just too tired

Hi friends! 

The last time we spoke I confessed my total lack of motivation....

Well, unfortunately I am not back to say I have completely regained my motivation,'s definitely getting better. 

Last week I made a daily to-do list and made sure to get at least 1 productive thing accomplished each day. 

Focusing on getting one or two little things per day made it seem less overwhelming, yet I still felt good being able to cross things off the mile high list ;) 

Good news for you all...blogging was on my to-do list today! ;) Mondays are a great day to blog...Tara has her "Weekend Update"  and my favorite alliteration "Marathon Monday" gives me an excuse to talk about my running and the details of my training ;)

Well without further ado...

Weekend Update:

If I had to describe my perfect weekend...this would probably be it. It was a the perfect mix of a busy/productive while still having time for a Netflix marathon kind of weekend. 

After 2-days of a leadership conference I thoroughly enjoyed my Friday off! I got up, went to the gym, came home and then didn't do a damn thing the rest of the was glorious!! 

Friday evening AJ and I decided that we hadn't been to Mi Ranchito in forever so we stuffed ourselves to the bursting point and I still managed to make room for ice cream...

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and ran 3 miles on the treadmill (mixing in 1/10  mile sprints) followed by a tough spin class...

I put my new Polar HR monitor/watch to the test during spin class...and I have to say that I was surprised by how few calories I actually burned...the fact that I appeared to have taken a shower during class made me think the number would be much higher...I'm thinking the 3 miles with speed work before class wasn't my brightest idea ;)

After the gym I ran home to get cleaned up so we could go....


A few weeks ago we met with a mortgage broker and got approved for a loan. With the wedding coming up we figured we would just get a few of the logistics out of the way and start casually looking; and not really get serious about buying until August/September.

 Well our mortgage broker got us in contact with an excellent realtor and she had found a few houses that met the criteria we were looking for. I had low expectations for the day and figured we were just going to get our feet wet and see what was out there...

Well...I was wrong. We found our dream was amazing. We knew right then we wanted to put an offer on it...but unfortunately in this market a few hours after the house was someone had put in an offer and the buyers had accepted....

I suppose this was bound to happen and the good news is we are in no hurry. We actually weren't wanting to buy until August/ clearly we are in no rush. I just can't stop thinking about OUR house ;) We have only looked at 6 houses so I keep telling myself there will be another that I absolutely love and it will all work out in the end!

After we finished up house hunting we decided that we hadn't had enough "adult" grown up stuff for the day so we headed to the jewelry store and picked out our wedding bands...Seriously people, things are starting to get real around here! 47 days and counting!

Saturday night we went to my 2-year old niece's dance recital...and let me tell you she absolutely stole the show...and I am not just saying that because I am her aunt ;)

Her dance class performed a cute little number to the Lion King "In the Jungle" and I am pretty confident there isn't a cuter lion than this! 

As the dance began the other girls in her class began dropping like was crying for her mom, a few were just standing there mesmerized by the lights and the audience, but then there was Finley...hopping around and freestyle dancing. She would randomly run toward the end of the stage, causing the dance teachers to chase her around. Little miss free-spirit was having a great time...and let's be honest, so was the audience. I could not stop laughing, it was so darn cute! 

After her performance we met her out in the commons and she was still so full of energy! She came running at us saying "Finny did good!" 

Her aunt Callie was able to capture this angelic picture! Seriously, I have never seen something so sweet and innocent looking...the picture is very deceiving ;)

After bribing her, I was able to get her to sit still for 2.5 seconds to take a picture with me. Her parents always say "show me your teeth" when she is posing for a picture...I love that she shows them her bottom teeth! 

After the recital we went back to my brother and sister-in-laws house for pizza and more entertainment from the Tasmanian Devil. I always love my evenings with family :)

Sunday was an absolutely glorious day of nothing! I got up (without an alarm) and headed out for my long run for the week. 

I probably should have paid closer attention to the weather and set an alarm, because by 9AM when I set out for my run it was already a scorcher! I was definitely a little sweaty by the time I finished up my 8 miles :) 

After I got cleaned up we binge watched Friday Night Lights, went grocery shopping, watched more FNL, made dinner, watched get the idea ;)  

Now it's Monday...again! And silly me...I scheduled myself back to back today! First day of summer school, lunch with friends, my health assessment, dentist appointment, spin class, and dinner with now I am tired. I have been piecing this post together all day in between the chaos and I had planned on adding more about marathon training and just life in general...but keeping with the theme of life...I am kind of just too tired! 


  1. I've heard similar stories about dream homes found and lost and sometimes, the home comes back on the market and the couple gets to make an offer. If this is really your dream house, I hope you get another chance. Or that you'll find an even better one when you're ready.

  2. Hahaha If Monday were shoes they'd be crocs! Dying! I have zero time during the week, so I love a good netflix marathon (I've been into dateline and undercover boss lately, so that's usually my sunday! Little kids in dance costumes are the cutest!! Good luck house hunting!!!