Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Marathon Monday: Finding a Balance

Clearly, it's not Monday...I sort of dropped the ball. However, I have decided that I can't and won't beat myself up about it.

If you haven't already picked up on it yet...I'm a perfectionist. I am pretty much an all or nothing kinda girl...which means when I commit to something I pretty much kill myself to make sure it happens. is kind of crazy right now and running has had to not necessarily a back seat...but it had to be removed from the driver's seat so other more important (gasp!) things can get done. With buying a house, getting married, going on vacation, moving into our new house, and getting ready for a new school year it's safe to say I have a lot on my plate...and you know's okay.

I've been weirdly calm through all of's like I don't even know who I am anymore. Where did type A control all the things person go? Minus one little break-down over my wedding hair and make-up and crying to my mom and saying "what if I don't look pretty" I have managed to keep very calm. 

I think part of it is the fact that I have so much going on that I can't really put all of my focus on one thing and obsess over it and worry about it being perfect. I kind of have to pick and choose what's important and be okay with letting things be.

Honestly though, I have no doubt that the wedding will be mom has been an incredible wedding planner and well...I get to marry the best guy I really how could it not be perfect? ;) 

The house...well...there have been a lot of phone calls, papers to sign, packing, etc but in the long run I can't be stressed about it because we are moving into our new home in less than a month. I have lived in an apartment since I moved out of my parents house (minus the rickety old house we rented in college) and owning my own home has always been a dream of mine...and well not to be cheesy again...but owning a home with my husband is pretty much the coolest thing like I said...I can't really be stressed.

Running...well, I have stuck to my training plan as best as I can. I have moved a few days around here and there to make it work for our chaotic schedule and I have definitely cut myself some slack. I don't have to be 100% perfect...if I take an extra rest day here and be it. If I indulge in a few too many beers the night before a 10 miler...well then it's really going to suck...but instead of obsessing over hitting all my splits just perfectly and following my training plan exactly I am just making sure I get my miles in and do the best I can. 

That isn't to say I have been slacking...because that is far from the truth. However, unlike the last 3 training cycles I have let myself relax a little. Like I mentioned earlier...I may or may not have had 6 too many beers the night before my 10 miler this week...and let's just say...while it wasn't pleasant during my run...I sure as heck enjoyed my Summer Shandys the night before ;) 

While I have been more relaxed for the first 2 weeks of marathon training I am going to work hard to make these next 3 weeks before the wedding and honeymoon as clean and healthy as possible. I figure if I am going to spend a week in Mexico at an all inclusive resort I should probably treat my body to a few weeks of good treatment before eating and drinking everything in sight :) I know that I have made it sound like I have totally dropped the ball on marathon training thus far and I am being a huge slacker...but honestly, last week was a pretty great week running wise. I did take an extra rest day due to shin pain...but other than that I was spot on with my workouts.

Marathon Training- Week 2

Monday- 5 miles (with sprints) and Pilates

I headed to the gym for 5 miles on the treadmill and ended ended with 4-20 second sprints(7 min mile pace). After my run I headed to Pilates class...which I love...don't get me wrong...but I literally stared at the clock the whole time and had to fight back the urge to leave early. Pilates after 6 miles is exhausting :) 

Tuesday- Yasso 800s

I am slowly working my way up to running a complete Yasso 800 workout (which is 10x800M) and my plan was to add 2-800M intervals every other week...well I may have gotten a little confused because I thought I did 6x800M two weeks ago...when I actually did 4. So this week I ran 8x800M and was pretty impressed with myself for doubling my 800s in 2 short weeks...HOWEVER...I had to add in an extra rest day on Thursday because I might have pushed myself a little too hard. Too much too soon? Yep...guilty!! Even with the extra rest day I can't be upset because my 800M times were looking pretty darn good :)

Wednesday- Spin class...but more like a rest day ;) 

The plan called for 6 recovery miles...but since I added Yasso 800s to this week's training and my shins were on fire I decided I would skip my run and go to spin class instead...even though I still don't really love spin I know cross-training is important. plan backfired just a bit. I woke up early (like usual) and decided to go to the 5:30AM class so I could get my workout done early. Well, apparently for the morning classes you have to be at the gym extra early to get one of the good bikes, because I got there about 5 minutes before class started and the only bike that was left was the bike I have never seen anyone use. About 20 minutes into class the pedals on the bike were hurting my feet and the bike just felt all wrong. So I hopped off the bike and headed out to the gym to get in some upper body strength work...well in the process of tightening my pony tail my hair tie snapped and at that point I was shins were hurting from my run yesterday, I looked like I had a sweaty mullet, and I was still a little ticked about the crappy bike in spin class so I just called it a day and headed home...

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- 4 miles + pilates

I ran a quick 4 miles around the block and then headed to the gym for my favorite class :) Have I told you lately how much I love Pilates? ;)

Saturday- 10 miles

Yep...this run was not fun. Friday night we headed out to my sister-in-laws dad's farm for some food, fun, and fireworks and I may or may not have had a few beers. I usually don't drink at all during my training cycles but it's summer dang-it and I have a lot going on so I decided I deserved a few beers and I would happily suffer the consequences the next day....well...I did so don't you worry ;) 

Sunday- Rest Day

Week 3 (which is already almost half over...oops!)

Monday- Body Pump
Tuesday- 5 miles + Sprints
Wednesday- Spin Class
Thursday- 6 miles (4 at tempo)
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 5 easy paced miles
Sunday- 11 miles


  1. You know what? I think you are doing fantastically well, Heather; it's tough trying to juggle all that you have going on right now and, as a fellow Type A-er, I can relate. I'm so glad to hear you are easing up on yourself a bit, yet you had such a great training week (in spite of the Shandys-ha!). Way to go, girl!!