Monday, July 20, 2015

Marathon Monday: Wedding Week!!!

Good morning! Happy Monday!!

What?!? Who loves Monday's? Not this girl...but today things are different...

It's WEDDING WEEK!!! This upcoming week is going to be filled with the most amazing craziness I could ask for. Tuesday friends and family will start arriving, Wednesday we have our final walk-through on our house, Friday we close, and Saturday....
I get to marry this guy :) 

To say I am excited is an understatement! I keep expecting to feel stressed and overwhelmed at all the little last minute things that need to be done...but I just can't. On top of my mom being the best wedding planner I could have asked for...this craziness is such a blessing! I'm definitely a lucky lady! 

As far as running goes...this week was MUCH better!! This was my first week on the new training plan and I'm pretty convinced that this whole running thing is all mental. Just knowing I don't have to run as many miles or hit certain paces that are uncomfortable to me made this week a million times better. While I still dreaded a few of my runs...I walked away from them (not nearly as much living room floor wallowing going on this week) feeling strong and confident in myself. I'm not 100% back...but I am getting there ;) 

Here is how my week went....

Monday- Rest Day

I took this as a complete rest day. After feeling so completely burnt out from the week before I knew I needed to scale things back and give my body a break. 

Tuesday- 5 miles + sprints

Not terrible...but not wonderful either...why must it be so hot at 6AM?

Wednesday- Rest Day

I was going to try and go to Pilates, but I was tired and I knew my body needed the extra break. 

Thursday- 4 miles

4 miles with a side of laying on the floor in a pool of regret...why oh why is it so hot? How did I forget so quickly how awful training for a marathon in the summer is? Next spring when I start talking marathons again slap some sense into me and remind me of the hours spent lying on the floor regretting my life's decisions ;) 

Friday- 12 miles

This was the run I had been dreading all week...after last week's failed 11 miler I definitely had reservations. In an attempt to make it less awful I got up a full hour earlier and ran a 6 mile loop twice so I could stop for a drink if necessary. After my first 6 miles I was feeling pretty good, but I ran into the apartment quickly to cool down, have some water, and eat a few Swedish Fish (don't ask) and then headed out for my last 6. While it was a little warmer towards the end I was feeling great! My pace in my final miles was surprising (Mile 12 was like an 8:08 min mile!) and it was definitely a confidence booster! 

Saturday- Rest

Yep...another full rest day, which means I didn't make it to Pilates once this week...I'm hoping to squeeze in a class or 2 next week :)

Sunday- 6 miles (4 @ tempo)

Talk about a confidence boosting run. Last week I could barely get through 4 miles let alone the 6 my training plan called for...and this week I crushed it!! On my sub 3:45 plan it calls for my tempo pace to be 8:00-8:20 and that just felt so daunting.With my sub 4:00 plan it wants my tempo pace to be 8:40-8:50. And this is where it's clear to me that it's all mental...last week an 8:20 pace for 4 miles seemed was impossible and this week it was a piece of cake. Maybe knowing I didn't HAVE to helped? I'm a mental case....

This upcoming week of running is going to be tricky...I'm getting a spray tan Thursday and I want to avoid any chance of my sweaty self streaking so I won't be running Friday...and I am going to be a little busy on Saturday so I won't be running then either....I'm going to try and sneak in a little run on Sunday, but we are having a lunch at my parents and we leave REALLY early Monday morning for the it may end up being another rest day...we will see! I'm giving myself the green light to skip any or all training runs this weekend and next week if I feel necessary.

While running is important and my training for this marathon is VERY important...this weekend is our wedding and it trumps running. Same goes for our honeymoon next week. The resort has a gym and AJ and I have discussed maybe starting our morning out there...but maybe we won't feel like it...and you know what? I'm not going to sweat it...I will pick back up where I left off when we get back and I will be JUST FINE :) 

Next week's (tentative) schedule

Monday- 4 miles +
Tuesday- 3x 1.5
Wednesday- 4 miles
Thursday- 13 miles
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Get married :)
Sunday- 4 miles (maybe)

I'm going to try and go to Pilates on Monday and Wednesday...but no promises ;) 


  1. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! That's really all I can say...I hope you have the most magical week ever; you are going to have an amazing experience this weekend - woo hoo! Congratulations, Heather!