Friday, August 28, 2015

One Month

One month of marriage down...forever to go :)

wedding photo

Now, we've never been ones to celebrate monthly milestones...heck, if we are being honest I don't know if we have ever acknowledged our dating anniversary in the last 3 years...and I am almost positive neither of us know the exact date for that anyway...all we know is it was the end of July ;)
However, when we realized that our one month anniversary landed on a Tuesday...a Taco Tuesday at that...we couldn't resist the chance to celebrate :)


Our first real date was at Mi Ranchito a little over 3 years ago...I remember that date (and all the nerves that came with it) as if it were just yesterday! Who knew, that 3 years ago in a Mi Ranchito I would be on my last first date with my future husband?! I know I sure didn't! All I that I am so glad that after months of dropping not so subtle hints, I was able to finally convince AJ to ask me out on that date ;)

And here we are month into marriage, and I have to say...being married to AJ is pretty much the best :)


This month will most definitely go down as one of my most favorite (and busiest) months!

This month...

After we said "I do" we celebrated our marriage with our friends and family

267 268 275 276 282 283 286 289 292

We spent a week in Mexico on our honeymoon

1076 1078 1080 1081 1088160 175 176

Spent more time than any one person should in the Baltimore airport...aka hell

183 184

Moved into our new home

187 223 224 228

Spent an evening drinking wine from margarita glasses, opening wedding gifts in our new living room, and being reminded of how lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives

225 226 231

Had our favorite little person over to remind us why we kept the play set in the backyard

232 236 239 240 241 250

I began my eighth year of teaching...and my first as Mrs. Smith :)

333Mrs. Smith

We had the living room and kitchen painted....

315316 341

Spent a few man-hours painting the hallways ourselves....


Bought a new grill...and ate dinner outside for a week straight!

301303 314 324

Hosted our first BBQ

385 387 388 389 391 392

Bought new furniture...


and we visited Home Depot a few dozen times...and even took a drywall/painting class

300299 349

As you can see our first month of marriage was definitely a BUSY one!! While we are both exhausted pretty much all the time from all the crazy exciting times this past month, I wouldn't change a thing! And if this month is any indication of what the future holds...I think we are in for a fun ride :) Bring on month 2!


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