Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Marathon Monday: The Mondayest Tuesday Ever

What is it about long weekends? I should probably be grateful for my extra day off...but instead, all I can think is 

"I just need one.more.day"

It didn't help that our weekend was jam-packed...with fun...but that is beside the point ;)

This week of training has been one of my best yet...and I am willing to bet that the lighter mileage last week had a little something to do with it. My legs felt stronger this week...as opposed to feeling like I was running through quick-sand like the weeks prior to this, I hit all my splits, got in all my miles, and even ran a half-marathon as a part of my 18 mile training run! 
I'm not feeling too chatty today...I'm exhausted, so let's get right to the point...
Monday- Rest Day

Tuesday- 5x1000M intervals (for a total of 5.7 miles)

My goal pace for my 1000M (.62mile) repeats was between an 8:05-8:15...and I was able to hit those (and beat them) for all 5 sets! Needless to say this run felt good and reassured me that I can and will survive marathon training ;)

Wednesday- Pilates Fail

So I have been really bad about going to Pilates class or incorporating any cross-training lately and I had let my gym membership expire. I decided that Wednesday was the day I was going to change that. I planned on leaving work right at 4:00 and hopefully making it to the gym in time for the 4:30 class (and to renew my membership)....well, at 4:30 while still sitting in traffic I decided I better just turn around and go home...stupid construction :( I did one of my PiYo videos instead...but it's just not the same. So now I am in the process of trying to find some Pilates classes that aren't 3 million dollars a session. 

Thursday- 3x2mile (9 miles total)

You know your training for a marathon when....

9 miles before work...whew! Nothing like getting up at 4:30AM to fit in a run...but with this heat it just isn't feasible to wait until after work. I had some anxiety leading up to this run...I have never done 2 mile intervals. The thought of running 2 miles "fast" was scary. My training plan said to keep my pace between 8:30 and 8:40, which for some reason sounded really hard. I managed to keep them under goal pace, but I was definitely putting work. Makes me wonder how I held a 7:45 mile pace for my spring half-marathons? 

Friday- Rest Day

Saturday- 8 miles steady

According to my plan running faster the day before the long run would help simulate the fatigue in the latter miles of my race...and boy did it! This run actually felt great...but I have to admit I felt it the next day on my long run! 

Sunday- 18 miles

For the last 11 weeks...in the back of my mind I have been thinking about dreading these longer runs (the 18  miler and 20 miler specifically) The thing about the longer runs (15 miles +) is I haven't done very many of them...and depending on they day they can either be confidence boosting...or confidence crushing.

This run (paired with the weather) most definitely had the potential to be confidence crushing...it was HOT, HOT, HOT, and my legs were worn out from the week...Luckily, I was running the Go Girl half marathon as a part of this training run, otherwise I am not sure I would have made it!

I started out extra early and ran 5 miles before the race and used the race to finish up my last 13. The course (and weather) was TOUGH! At one point we ran straight up hill (or at least that is what it felt like) and directly into the sun, and this lasted almost 4 miles! I definitely had to fight for every mile. 

Simulating "fatigue" for the latter miles of the marathon was definitely in full force...OOF! However, for me...the race atmosphere (and knowing I had to finish to get the medal) helped get me across that finish line and to the end of my 18 miles! I'm not sure I would have completed this run if it weren't for the race. So instead of being confidence crushing...it was confidence boosting. If I could push through at the end of that race (where I wanted to quit about 3 trillion times) I know I can definitely push through to the finish of the Chicago Marathon. 

32 days!!!!


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