Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Marathon Monday- Peak Week

Good morning! I know, I know...it's not Monday, but I can't be perfect all the time ;)

Our week/weekend was crazy busy so I was basically a zombie yesterday and even if I would have sat down to write this post...I'm not sure it would have made any sense. My brain was tired and who knows what I would have said! 

After a good night's sleep I am feeling like a whole new person! So hopefully today I will be a bit more productive ;) 

Last week was "peak week" which in marathon training land means your highest mileage week and the dreaded 20 miler! I would be lying if I said I haven't been dreading this week since day 1. I tried really hard not to look too far ahead in my training schedule...but having run a marathon the year before I KNEW about this week...I knew that it was tough (especially being near the beginning of the school year when I am already pretty worn out!)

Despite all the chaos in our lives over the last few months...wedding, honeymoon, buying a house, and starting back to work...I have to say that this year's "peak week" was really not as bad as I was anticipating. 

Last year I remember feeling absolutely done by the end of my 20 miler and NEEDING the taper period. This year...my body is definitely ready for a rest...but I don't feel completely drained. My 20 mile training run was by far the best/easiest of all my long runs this training cycle...which at first seemed like a great thing...but now I have myself convinced it has jinxed me for race day. What can I say...I'm a worrier at heart ;)

Not only was my 20 miler a breeze...but the rest of the week's runs also went really well.

Monday- 10 miles

Second to the 20 miler this was my most dreaded run. 10 miles on a Monday? Seriously? 10 miles before school on a Monday was definitely not happening so I waited to run until after work. I spent all day worrying about the run...would it be too hot? Would I be able to keep my paces? (not only was it 10 miles, but a large chunk of it was meant to be run fast) would I be able to finish?...etc, etc. (Told you I was a worrier) 

Turns out, like usual, I worried for nothing. It wasn't the easiest run I have ever had...but I still managed to maintain (and even run a bit faster) than the suggested paces. 

Tuesday- Rest Day

Glorious, glorious rest day! 

Wednesday- 4 miles + 30 second sprints

I got up early and ran my 5 miles before work...it almost felt weird "only" running 5 miles. 

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- 8 "steady" miles

This run also gave me a bit of anxiety because I couldn't run them "easy" paced. It called for a steady pace to help simulate fatigue like I will experience on race day... 

Saturday- 20 miles

While I ran my 8 steady miles the day before I didn't feel nearly as much "fatigue" as I expected. I seriously felt GREAT! If I can feel like this on race day...sub 4 here I come! I owe this awesome run to mother nature and her generosity. The weather was absolutely perfect...c'mon Chicago...be just as kind to me :) 

On top of feeling great during my run I hit my suggested paces like a champ! My training plan called for 12 slow paced miles, followed by 5 faster paced (8:40-8:50), and then end with 3 slow paced miles. 

Nailed it! 

One thing I did not do well was my post-long run recovery...instead of my usual ice bath, compression socks, and lots of stretching and resting...I ran around like a crazy woman getting ready for my best friend's baby shower and then spent 4 hours in the car... and in the craziness of the day I didn't eat anything of sustenance until about 6:00PM. Baby shower cake (which was delicious), Twizzlers, and Ritz crackers are not exactly the best "recovery" food. Oops! 

Luckily my legs have almost forgiven me...they did get their revenge this morning on my 4 mile run, but I am hoping that by my next run they start to cooperate again :)

Total Miles for the week: 43

Now I feel like I am in the home-stretch...3 short weeks until the much anticipated Chicago Marathon. It hasn't felt real until now. I have peak week and my 20 miler out of the way, so now I can think clearly! I get to run the streets of Chicago in one of the biggest marathons in the world...how lucky am I?!? 

Yesterday, I watched this video and it seriously gave me chills...it's almost time!!! 


  1. Way to go girly!!!!! I capped at 18 this year but my recovery sounds like yours! I had a crazy day too and didn't eat great, but my legs were ready to run the next day which is always a good thing. 3 weeks!!!! And we seriously need to meet up to at least say hi!!!!!! Love the video!!!