Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The rungries are in full force around here...'s it going?

Me? I'm fine...just sitting here trying not to eat everything in site. 

Seriously...the rungries have hit and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I thought maybe if I distracted myself by writing this post I would be able to keep from eating All.Of.The.Things. 

Last year while training for the Kansas City Marathon I packed on an extra 5lbs. I contributed these 5lbs to my ignorance in thinking that because I was running all the time I should be allowed to eat all the time. doesn't work that way. No matter how many miles you are running it all still works the same...when you eat more calories than you will gain weight.

That was another misconception I had last year...I was under the impression that I was burning millions of calories with all the miles I was running. 

Unfortunately, this was not true. After wearing a heart-rate monitor a few times I found that instead of the 100+ calories per mile that I thought I was burning, I was actually only burning around 80 calories per mile, which adds up (or not) when you are running 20 miles! Apparently the smaller you are and the less you weigh...the less calories you burn during exercise...rude.  

So needless to say, last year I went into marathon training blind...I was sure I was going to be that girl who was complaining about trying to keep the weight on...and instead I was the girl left confused as to why my favorite pair of jeans were too tight ;) 

Going in to half-marathon training this last spring I wanted to avoid any weight gain, and in fact I was hoping to drop a few lbs (fewer lbs mean a faster runner!) I tracked my food, made good choices, turned down donuts in the lounge, etc, etc. And guess what? I did lose weight...I lost about 5lbs and not only did I feel great, but I ran a 5 minute PR in my half-marathon!! WOO HOO!!

At this point I felt like I really had everything figured out...I decided to stick with my eating plan and go into my marathon training! I vowed NOT to gain weight this time around...

Yep...that didn't happen. Here I am 3 weeks out from the Chicago Marathon and I am right back where I was last year. Wondering why my pants are tight...why that number on the scale just couldn't stay where it was...and why I can't stop eating?!?! 

I could blame it on a load of things, but I have decided I shall blame only one thing...

MARATHON TRAINING!! It's evil I tell you...

You're always sore

You're always running

You're always sweaty

You have no social life because "you have to run X amount of miles the next morning and can't stay up too late"

You're poor from buying so many groceries


You get fat from eating all of the said groceries.

I wish I was here with the secret as to how to run a marathon and not gain weight...but I don't. I'm completely lost here. I was SURE I would be able to maintain my weight and show marathon training who is boss...but I can't...I'm just so damn hungry...all the time.

On top of being hungry all the time I have cravings like you wouldn't believe. I have never been pregnant...but a co-worker of mine is pregnant right now and I swear my cravings rival hers. All I can think about is salsa, chocolate milk, and Tootsie Rolls.

Someone, please send help!



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