Wednesday, October 28, 2015

3 Months

This month we celebrated our 3rd month of marriage at one of our favorite spots, Johnny's Tavern. Back when we didn't have cable (thank you Royals' post-season for changing this) and when we lived down the street from Johnny's we were frequent Sunday visitors.

On Sundays they have $4.50 schooners, tons of TVs, delicious chili dogs, and very few other it quickly became a favorite of ours and affectionately known as "Our Johnny's"

The Chiefs decided to pull it together this week, so we were lucky enough to see them win a game! Let's hope it's not the last for the season ;)

After the game we got extra classy and stopped at the grocery store for a late afternoon snack and headed home to watch the rest of the football games from the comfort of our own couch :)

2015-10-25 18.54.59-2

October was a great month full of lots of excitement and fun...buuuuut it's safe to say after this month it will be awhile before we hop in the car for a road trip again ;)
We started month 3 with the annual "Harrison Hill Hog Roast" This is the first year we have been able to make it to this fun event...and boy am I glad we did! The Harrison's sure know how to throw a party!

Again...this month we (I use the term we loosely) spent more time painting the trim. I am happy to say the living room and kitchen are completely done. I'm hoping month 4 brings the completion of the stairway down to the basement and the family room...fingers crossed!

We also made the trip to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon!! I can't even begin to put into words what an incredible experience this was!! I'm a pretty lucky girl that my husband was willing to spend 16 hours in the car (most of which I spent complaining about my legs) and spent an entire day on Chicago's public transportation system trying to chase me down ;)


We attended our first wedding as a married couple :)


We tried oysters and mussels most likely for the first and LAST time ;)

dinner oysters

And best of all we enjoyed another wonderful month of marriage :)


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