Monday, October 19, 2015

Birthday Week GIVEAWAY Day 1: Cocogo

Is it just me or are the weekends just too darn short? I think this just about every weekend...but for real this time...I just need! 

Sorry for the super awkward photo...I've been trying to get my husband to send me the photos from his phone (mine is pretty much dunzo) and he doesn't realize how important photos are to blogging ;)
This weekend was another busy one...we went to Hays (about 4 hours away) for a wedding. Of course we had a blast...but 8 more hours in the car brings us to about 24 hours spent in the car in the last 2 weeks...

This is how we felt when we remembered we had to drive 4 hours home the next morning ;)
We are staying put for the rest of the month, so don't ask me to travel any where! 

I had really good intentions to have this post done and ready to go live early this morning...but like I mentioned we were gone all weekend and by the time we got home there was laundry to do and sleep to be had :)  

Today's giveaway is featuring one of my very favorite products...

It's been almost 2 years since I have completely replaced all of the sugary sports drinks with this coconut water sports drink...and I have no intentions of ever going back! 

Not only does Cocogo have superior ingredients...but it also tastes better! I love that it is not super sugary and sweet because the last thing I want is something heavy before, during or after a workout. 

I also like that I can dilute it to a taste that works for me. If I want a stronger flavor I use less water (or two packets!) and if I want something really light I use more water. 

Another one of my favorite things about Cocogo is the versatility and variety of uses! I mainly use it after a run...but I have also used it in the middle of the day to satisfy my sweet tooth (instead of soda) and I have used it to rehydrate after a night of drinking (i.e. this weekend)...and let me tell you it works like a charm! ;) 

If you would like to try Cocogo for yourself or just need to restock now is the perect time! For my birthday week Cocogo has increased my ambassador discount from 10% to 20%! When you check-out all you have to do is use the discount code: HEATHER and you will receive 20% off your entire order!

You can also enter below to win a box of Cocogo (any flavor you choose!) You can enter through Friday and the winner will be announced on Monday Oct. 26th.

Don't forget to stop by each day this week for a new discount code and/or giveaway! Tomorrow's giveaway will be one of my must haves for marathon me you won't want to miss out! 


  1. Happy birthday week! Great idea with the giveaways/coupon codes! I loved cocogo (any flavor) for triathlon training...might just have to sign up for another 😉