Monday, October 12, 2015

Marathon Monday: I did it!

Hello!! I'm currently in hour 6 of our car trip and my legs are screaming at me...

Note to self...a long car ride less than 24 hours after you run a marathon is not the best idea ;-)

Today's post will be short and sweet since I'm in the car and posting from my phone-I'm extra fancy like that ;-)

I felt that this, my final Marathon Monday post, should probably actually be on a Monday since it is by far my favorite and most exciting post :-) 

In case you haven't seen in one of my many social media posts...I did it...I ran my sub 4 marathon yesterday :-)

In case you're wondering...yes, I am currently chilling on cloud 9.

Yesterday seriously could not have gone any better...

A sub 4, a 10 min PR, and a faster second half than first...I couldn't be happier! 

Prior to the race I had some anxieties and concerns about hitting the wall (like I did at the KC Marathon) but luckily it never happened! I ended up running the entire race...something I never could have anticipated! I felt great pretty much the entire I'm moving a little slower...but it's worth it :-) 

I'll post a full recap later this week...until then I shall continue to brag to anyone and everyone who will listen  ;-)